The Best Easy Ways to Lose Extra Pounds

The Best Easy Ways to Lose Extra Pounds

Face the fact: Being slim is in trend today. Everywhere you look there is talk of a new device or a new program that helps you lose extra pounds.

Given that obesity has become an epidemic around the world, there are certainly many ideas on how to fight it. Let’s take a look at what are really the most famous ways to burn fat and be slim and fit

1. Eat meals that do not affect blood sugar levels

Meals made up of multiple foods that contain high quality proteins and complex carbohydrates are key to stabilizing insulin levels. This will reduce the possibility of excess carbohydrates being deposited as fat.

2. Don’t eat too many carbs in the evening

Carbohydrate intake in the evening can lead to greater fat storage as metabolism is slowed down during the night. In the evening, eat only protein and fiber.

3. Eat 6 small meals during the day

One study showed that a higher frequency of meals helps stabilize insulin release. It has been proven that increasing the number of meals leads to fat consumption.

4. Get rid of extra pounds by ingesting plenty of fluids

Lose extra pounds - drink plenty of water

Try to drink up to 4-5 liters of water a day. You don’t have to start with that amount right away, but start by doubling your current intake and then gradually increase to the target amount. One medical study showed that dehydration can cause a significant slowdown in metabolism, and thus lead to slower fat burning.

5. Train hard with weights

Lifting weights is one of the best ways to increase your metabolism. Weight training can increase metabolism (and thus fat loss) much better than endurance training alone. This refers to intense weight training with short rest periods between sets.

6. Do cardio exercises in the morning

A guy is losing extra pounds by cardio training.

Cardio vascular training on an empty stomach can help burn up to 3 times more fat. After several hours without food, the insulin level is lower. But when we increase insulin, we slow down the process of losing fat. Therefore, when you do cardio exercises on an empty stomach, the body is in an ideal state for burning fat.

7. Do complex exercises

Complex exercises include squats, bench presses and the like, and you try to do them with heavier weights and fewer repetitions. This type of exercise has been proven to increase the level of testosterone, which is the main hormone for building muscle. More lean muscle mass also means increased metabolism, which leads to greater fat loss.

8. Spice up the food and lose extra pounds

For lose extra pounds, spice up the food.

Increase your metabolism by adding cayenne pepper to food. It has exceptional metabolic properties based on the content of the active ingredient capsaicin. For hundreds of years we know that cayenne pepper stimulates sweating and affects body temperature.

9. Get calcium

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. A diet rich in calcium can increase the dissolution of fat in the body, and a diet low in calcium can cause an increase in the amount of fat.

10. Reduce cortisol levels

Lose extra pounds with using vitamin C and zink.

The hormone cortisol causes the redistribution of body fat and is a very important risk factor in the formation of fat deposits. Reducing stress and providing enough sleep certainly helps regulate cortisol levels, and thus regulate stored fat. Vitamin C and zinc can affect the amount of cortisol, so they should be taken as a dietary supplement.

11. Sleep to lose extra pounds

Try to sleep 8 to 9 hours during the night. Scientists proved that people who sleep less than 7 hours have higher levels of cortisol. Lack of sleep negatively affects the metabolism, which in this case is slowed down.

12. Do not ingest alcohol

Lose extra pounds with rejecting alcohol.

One scientific study proved that fats accumulate in tissues in which ethanol (an alcohol component) is metabolized. Alcohol not only causes greater fat deposition, but also reduces their metabolism. Researchers from Sweden have found that those people who “drink recreationally” alcohol have 3 times more fat deposits.


With this text, we have tried to help you easily lose extra pounds without strict diets and heavy exercises. We want you to achieve satisfactory results with the upcoming summer season, and be fit.