Simple Way to Reduce Your Weight

Simple Way to Reduce Your Weight

Most diets require relatively strict dietary discipline, physical activity, exhausting training, etc. However, there are some “little things” that, in everyday life, we do not pay enough attention to. In this text, we will draw your attention to some of the facts that will help you to reduce your weight easily.

You eat more while sitting in front of a computer or TV

A girls is eating in front of TV.

You will eat a lot more while sitting in front of the TV or computer than sitting at a table without something to distract you. Scientists in Britain have discovered that people eat much more snacks while sitting at a computer than they would eat anywhere else. Meals in front of the TV have an extremely bad effect on appetite control.

Insufficient sleep increases the risk of obesity

A girl can't sleep.

Insufficient sleep is a very important risk factor for obesity. Several different studies have compared the energy balance of people who sleep normally with those who are deprived of sleep. The conclusion is that this second group of people grows much easier and faster. Lack of sleep leads to the release of hormones that slow down the metabolism. Thus, a slow metabolism leads to the accumulation of food in the body.

Overeating suppresses growth hormone

Overeating is bad for reducing weight.

Growth hormone is a potential fighter against fat, which is why the same hormone is very popular. Overeating reduces the level of that hormone, which leads to weight gain. Researchers in Michigan found that a period of two weeks of overeating (4000 calories a day) reduces the secretion of growth hormone by 80 percent during 24 hours. After two weeks of overeating, one average person gains up to 3 kilograms, and increased insulin levels. Overeating for several weeks leads to a change in metabolism, which makes the body much more susceptible to fattening.

Consuming water is important for weight control

A girl is drinking water. It helps to reduce weight.

Many nutritionists blame excessive consumption of carbonated drinks full of sugar for the current obesity epidemic in America. A typical teenager consumes 300 calories more per day than has been the case for 35 years. Researchers from the University of California reported that drinking water instead of high-calorie drinks reduces daily energy intake. Also, water does not stimulate the release of insulin, which is important for the non-deposition of fat in the body. Better and more frequent consumption of water has a preventive effect on obesity, and a positive effect on weight loss.

Keeping a diet diary

Control yourself in your diet, keeping a diary of everything you eat. Follow the main meals and snacks, because it will be an effective tool for a successful diet. A diary will help you to be consistent with your proper nutrition program. It will also get you back on track when you deviate from it. This should not be hard and painful for you, but an additional motivation for achieving the ideal weight.

Exercise – an obstacle to fattening

Exercise - good way to reduce weight.

Medical studies, from a university in America, show that over a period of 20 years, physically active women gained 7 kilograms less than women who were not active. The changes in men were not so drastic. Active women exercised for 150 minutes a week, or about 20 minutes a day.

Swimming has a good effect on weight loss

Many studies show that walking and running are more effective than swimming when it comes to losing weight. However, this may not be entirely true when it comes to older women. Australian researchers compared body composition, and blood sugar control in women who either swam or walked, over a period of 6 months. Swimmers lost more weight and improved their blood sugar levels, compared to those who walked.


We have stated the above-mentioned facts, without referring to the narrow and strict rules of training. We hope that we have helped you, and that you will take them into account when deciding on the measures you want to take in losing weight.