Simple Way to Correct Your Training Mistakes

Simple Way to Correct Your Training Mistakes

Most exercisers, and most often beginners, happen to make certain, unintentional mistakes when they training. As you read this text, you will surely find yourself in one of these examples. Don’t be discouraged. In the following text, we will try to point out your mistakes and the way in which you will correct them.

1. You did a thrust with too much load

Bad form when lifting occurs especially with chest exercises, and that is bending the back when pushing.

The best way to get rid of this bad habit is to reduce the load when pushing off the bench by 10 to 15 kilograms. Start by keeping your spine flat on the bench, even when lifting the heaviest weights. If you are still prone to bending your back, do the thrust by lifting your feet up on the bench. This way you will avoid back pain.

2. Your training is without heating

Only a warm-up period and stretching are needed to warm up the muscles properly.

Couple is warming-up before training.

Warm up for at least 5 to 10 minutes, doing the aerobic part of the workout, and then stretch. Do not do the opposite. You may not have injured yourself so far, but your muscles cannot work well if you have not warmed up and stretched well before the start of training.

3. Bouncing too much – one of training mistakes

With many exercises, you are given the opportunity to jump, and you often use it.

When lifting any load, you should slowly lift and lower the load without any bouncing. Jumping actually reduces the lifting effect by wasting both your energy and time. Therefore, stand still and do not allow your hands to touch anything other than weights.

4. You did the mistakes in abdominal exercises

The number of these exercises is large. You should not do the traditional lifting in a sitting position, you should avoid excessive reliance on stomach devices and fat burners.

A girl has abdominal training.

Lie down so that your back is “nailed” to a bench or floor. Get up only with the help of the abdominal muscles, and not with the help of the shoulders, or the hands placed behind the neck.

5. You ignored the pain while training

It is normal to have only mild inflammation caused by lifting exercises. But sharp pain signals something you should not ignore. The warning sign is a sharp pain concentrated in one place.

We will correct this mistake (neglecting the pain) by taking a break, changing the exercise or relaxing in a warm bath.

6. You are addicted to weights – You are making mistake

Most people are obsessed with lifting weights.

A girl has training with jumping rope.

However, there are other ways to shape your muscles nicely, such as skipping rope, cycling, etc.

7. You misused time

If you have to train for more than an hour and a half, then you are either so slow or just overdoing it.

Excessive training time has the opposite effect, making muscle growth more difficult.

8. You didn’t do the aerobic part of the training

Today, there is a widespread view that just walking is enough aerobic exercise.

A girls has an aerobic training.

Recent research shows that brisk walking, 3 times a week, can protect us from heart disease. Therefore, you need to resort to more intense aerobic activities than walking.

9. Poor breathing is also big mistake

Do not hold your breath during exercise. It is a natural reaction, but it will not help you, so breathe properly.

10. You are not flexible

A girl has a training with stretching.

Don’t become addicted to going to the gym always at a certain time, and don’t allow yourself not to train just because your training class has been canceled. This can easily grow into an always ready excuse.


We have tried to point out to you the most common mistakes that occur in training, and which you can influence or correct with your will.