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Do you want to contact us? Is there anything you’d like to tell us? Anything about our blog that you liked (or disliked) so much that you want to address us directly and talk about it?

Or do you have an article suggestion? A topic you’d like us to write about, or even a guest post you’d like to write yourself? We’d love to have a fellow gym rat write for us, so if you wish to become a contributor, feel free to contact us with your article idea.

Maybe you have an entirely different reason to want to get in touch with us?

Feel free to write us a message now! We’re checking our inbox regularly, so you can expect a response to your mail as soon as possible.

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Whether it’s constructive criticism, suggestions, guest post ideas or any other type of collaboration, fan mail or even hate mail, we’d love to hear from you!

You can send us an e-mail to this address:  corpus.aesthetics (at) gmail.com, just replace (at) with the @ symbol.


We’re interested in publishing guest posts and collaboration with other bloggers and all sorts of people on a fitness path. Last but not least, we love -getting honest feedback from our readers.

We are not interested in spam messages in which you try to sell us something. We don’t mind you sending those mails. However, there’s no need to waste your time because these are the only kind of messages we recieve that go unanswered.