How to Overcome Spring Fatigue

How to Overcome Spring Fatigue

Spring fatigue or spring fever is a term that explains several physical or psychological symptoms that occur with the arrival of spring. We cannot call it a disease, but it is certainly a syndrome that occurs at certain times of the year. It is a temporary mood characterized by a state of low energy and fatigue. Since a large number of people have problems with this phenomenon, let’s look at how to overcome spring fatigue.

How it arises

In the northern hemisphere, the symptoms of this “fever” appear from mid-March to mid-April. Depending on the winter (long and cold), as well as on man’s general characteristics, it can be more or less pronounced. The most common signs are fatigue, sensitivity to changes in weather conditions, dizziness, irritability, headache, joint pain.

Spring Fatigue

Studies have shown that hormones play a major role in the development of this phenomenon. Namely, serotonin (hormone of happiness) depends on the amount of daylight. Therefore, during the winter, its amount is reduced, so melatonin (sleep hormone) acts more easily and has a greater effect. In the spring, when the days get longer, the body renews its hormones (endorphins, estrogen, testosterone). This renewal creates pressure and additional fatigue in the body. Also, as the outside temperature rises, blood vessels dilate, which causes a drop in blood pressure.

How to beat spring fatigue

Food plays a significant role in the overall condition of the body. During the winter, many fewer calories are burned than in the summer months. In addition, during the process of hormone renewal, our body needs significantly more vitamins and proteins.

Therefore, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and grains. Reduce your fat intake, because you will feel even more tired.

Beat Fatigue

It is a known fact that some people have an affective seasonal disorder during the winter period, ie winter depression. They sleep a lot, have a lack of energy and a constant desire to consume sweets and snacks. These phenomena will only contribute to prolonging and intensifying your spring fatigue.

For these reasons, be physically active. If you are not able to do sports and train, go for a simple walk. Staying outside, in daylight and fresh air, with movement, can do wonders.