Overcome Spring Fatigue with a Healing Self-massage

Overcome Spring Fatigue with a Healing Self-massage

If you are bothered by fatigue caused by the change of seasons, or you are stressed, apply a very effective method – self-massage at certain points. Self-massage, which represents pressing or tapping, improves the work of the vascular system and all important organs.

Find points for self-massage

We know 9 points or zones that react to self-massage.

Points for self-massage.

Point 1 is located on the sternum. Improves blood flow to the esophagus, trachea, bronchi and lungs. It also has a beneficial effect on blood production.

Point 2 is located on the anterior midline, at the intersection of the chest and jugular veins. It regulates the function of immunity and the defensive role of the organism.

Point 3 is located in the part in the so-called “sinocarotid glomeruli – glands in the neck” and controls the chemical composition of the blood.

The points belonging to zone 4 refer to the tonsils. They contribute to the maintenance of normal function of the neurovegetative system.

Point 5 is located on the backbone on the posterior midline, between the seventh cervical and first thoracic vertebrae. It is connected with the cervical spinal nerves, and regulates the activity of the blood vessels of the head, neck and trunk. When massaging this point, the head should be slightly tilted forward.

Points 6,7 and 8 are located at the places where the ends of the trigemiuns come out (facial nerve that divides in 3 directions). These points are symmetrical. That is why we massage them on the left and on the right side at the same time. Point 7 massage improves blood flow and the function of the hearing organs, ie the hearing aid. Point 8 massage, strengthens the blood flow in the eyeballs and forehead parts of the brain.

Points 9 are placed on the back in the distance between the thumb and forefinger. By massaging these points, we normalize many functions of the organism. You should massage them first on the right, then on the left, with your hand on the table.

Overcome spring fatigue with a healing self-massage.

The most important is a bedtime massage

The massage we recommend is applied at least 2 times a day (morning and evening), but it is mandatory in the evening. In case of a cold, you should have 3-4 sessions a day. It is especially useful to massage before going to bed.

If you feel pain while massaging certain areas, know that you do not have the right organ for which the point in question is “responsible”.

Healing tapping

In addition to the above massage, we also recommend tapping certain parts of the body. Some people do gymnastics every day to fill their body with energy. Others practice a contrast shower or drink tonic elixirs. One of the ways to preserve health and youth is to regenerate the organism by tapping. Proponents of this method claim that this self-massage activates all the meridians in the body and improves the work of blood vessels, as well as all important organs.

This technique stimulates circulation, the blood brings oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body faster. In addition to feeding all tissues in this way, this technique expels toxins at the same time.

Method of application of medicinal tapping

The tapping is done with rounded palms, where the hand must be relaxed and flexible. It is necessary to do a light tapping that starts from the head and ends at the feet. It is always necessary to tap your hands from top to bottom.

  • Tapping relaxed, descend from the forehead to the nape of the neck with special emphasis on the right and then the left side of the neck (about 30 times). Rub your ears well.
  • Tap your right shoulder with your left hand and tap your left shoulder with your right hand.
A girl has a relax tapping with self-massage.
  • Extend your left arm forward, and tap it up to 20 times. Do the same with your right hand.
  • Gather your palms into fists and tap the cervical spine as far as you can reach it (30 times).
  • Pass your hand over your chest from the bottom up (30 times).
  • Tap lightly on the abdomen (15 times).
  • Massage each leg separately. From bottom to top (50 times).
  • Finish by tapping your feet (15 times) – by no means skip this.

Please note that this patting does not have to be just a massage, but can be massaged by another person.

Contraindications to self-massage

Regardless of the healing properties of this type of massage, we must emphasize that this point-by-point massage should not be applied in the case of acute diseases that are accompanied by fever. Also, we can not use it in active forms of tuberculosis, ulcers, benign or malignant tumors.

Also, you should not do self-massage on these points when atmospheric pressure suddenly changes. During the treatment, you have to avoid alcohol and spicy foods.