Hobby as a Medicine – More Relaxed, Healthier and Happier

Hobby as a Medicine – More Relaxed, Healthier and Happier

The hectic pace of everyday life does not leave us much time for small, pleasant pleasures. The only way to afford them is to fight for them ourselves. How? Relatively easy. We need a little good will and organization of our own time. Our goal is to find an activity that we like and time that we will dedicate to it. So, let’s look at how to become more relaxed, healthier and happier with the help of hobby.

Why have a hobby?

Numerous psychological researches show that pursuing a hobby has a beneficial effect on our organism and general condition. Even many statistics have shown that couples who have a common hobby function better and more successfully in the community. In addition to helping us have fun, this activity contributes to achieving positive goals. With it, we direct our energy towards achieving positive goals and improving the skills we have. The social aspect should not be neglected either, since a hobby allows us to get in touch with people of similar interests. In this way, we create small creative communities and achieve belonging to a certain group.


Most hobbies involve manual work and the use of fine motor functions. In children, these movements lead to the activation of various brain centers. At the same time, in the elderly, they contribute to the preservation of joint functions and the reduction of rheumatic pain.

How to choose the right one?

We mainly do hobbies in moments of relaxation. It is during this period that our brain is “open” to acquire new knowledge and information. Therefore, in addition to the creative component, each hobby also has an educational side. He forces us to learn and improve again. And, if we acquire this knowledge in a group, the social aspect of this activity becomes even more pronounced.

Collectibles used to be a much more widespread form of “entertainment”. In this business, the Internet is certainly a useful tool. But nothing can replace the charm of wandering the markets in search of something that adorns your collection. Walking in the fresh air and making contact with people really have their advantages over sitting alone indoors.

Choose hobby

Bird watching – another activity that will make you get up from the armchair and go out into nature alone or in company. You will be surprised how, while following your instincts, you go to a park or forest, looking at the treetops.

Knitting is also called brain yoga. Also, this relaxing activity is the right medicine for your burdened nervous system. Although this is mostly a hobby practiced by women, it is interesting that there are many men who resort to it. By the way, unlike real life situations, there is something very positive about knitting. If you don’t like what you’ve done, you can always scald it and start over.


We have mentioned only some of the well-known hobbies. However, there are countless interesting activities that can get you started and interested. So, find the one that suits you and that will make you healthier and happier. If you say you don’t have time – think again