Interesting Facts From the Fitness World

Interesting Facts From the Fitness World

In the world of fitness, or sports in general, there are different written and unwritten rules about what and how to train, when to train, what to eat before and after training, how long to expose your body to exercise, etc. However, there are various, interesting fitness facts, which may not be so well known, but they are, in any case, useful.
We will list a few of them.

Circular training –

Circular Training

involves exercising with a minimum break between sets. It can be applied to almost all types of exercises, and repetitions depend on the desired goal. It is interesting to note that this type of exercise is more stressful for men. One study showed higher oxygen consumption and elevated systolic blood pressure in male exercisers. Also, the effort during exercise and recovery after it are more pronounced in men.

Interval training –

means repeated series of high-intensity exercises with short rest intervals. If this training is done three times a week, it causes major changes in the metabolic system and leads to a significant increase in fitness. One analysis, done many years earlier, showed that endurance and strength develop best if 80% of training contains extended exercises with maximum strength, and 20% to be interval training.

High-intensity training –

during aerobics increases fat consumption. Namely, weight training before aerobic training speeds up calorie consumption and reduces excess weight.

Yoga benefits –

come to the fore in combination with conventional exercises. Several studies have shown that yoga improves posture and reduces pain. This is especially true in patients with arthritis and joint pain in general. Also, in the elderly, there is better flexibility and muscular endurance. Therefore, the quality of life of a person who trains like this has significantly improved.

Nordic walking and pole length –

Let’s remember – this is fast walking with the help of poles (“like skiing”). This activity increases momentum and movement, and therefore calorie consumption. However, in general, the length of the rod has little effect on comfort when moving. For example, when walking up a hill, energy consumption increases by only 3%. So, use this type of exercise whenever and wherever you have the opportunity

Maximum strength –

The basic principle of weight training is to achieve maximum strength, with a minimum of effort. Experience has shown that our results are better if we perform 2 to 3 series of one exercise. In this way, we increase the power by over 40% more than if we only perform a series. We recommend that you do exercises with one series only if you run out of time.

And finally

In the text above, we have mentioned only a small number of facts that are valid in the world of fitness. Maybe they were unknown to you, and maybe they weren’t. In any case, if we haven’t said anything new, at least we have reminded you of facts that you should not forget.