What is The Real Impact of Cardio Training on Weight Loss?

What is The Real Impact of Cardio Training on Weight Loss?

When we decide to lose a certain number of kilograms, we immediately hurry to the gym and start with several hours of cardio training. What do you think – how many of these exercises do you need to lose weight? Some would say “a lot”, and some would even specify – 30 minutes of training, 5 times a week. Let’s find the right answer. Indeed, what is the real impact of cardio training on weight loss?

What is cardio training

From the point of view of those who want to lose weight, it is a light to moderate form of training at certain time intervals, without stopping. The goal is simple – to move as long as possible in order to lose as much weight as possible.

There are 2 forms of this training:

1. HIIT (high intensity training) which involves changes in rhythm before each Intervals, for example 15 seconds of sprinting, 30 seconds of walking.

HIIT Training

2.LIT (low intensity training) which means long, monotonous series on the conveyor belt or Stepper.

LIT workout

In general, HIT is considered a more efficient form of training because it burns more calories in a shorter time interval. It is more active and interesting, but also much harder. Due to its explosiveness, it is very hard on the joints. Also, it is not very suitable for obese or elderly people.

So, let’s look at the LIT variant of cardio training and how many calories can be lost with this type of exercise.

For example, 32 minutes of calories are lost during 30 minutes of hiking, swimming or stepper. At the same time, walking at the same interval loses 150 calories. If you do 4 series a week, it means that you will burn 600 calories. Are you happy with that?

Of course, you have come to the conclusion that you should spend a lot more time in training. Of course, we know that cardio is a great physical activity for general health. But it is not such an effective method for burning fat. It is not enough in itself to achieve your goal. So, there is something else. Namely, consider correcting your diet.

Diet and weight loss

It should be borne in mind that all recognized experts in the field of nutrition recommend that you should not lose weight abruptly. They, by the way, suggest that it be from 0.5 to 1 kg per week. This will allow you to maintain muscle mass and lose fat at the same time.

Weightloss diet

Make your diet tailored to your goals and needs. Keep in mind that over 80% of your weight loss process is a diet. Cardio is important and useful for health and fitness, but a proper and controlled diet is still a more powerful weapon in the weight loss process. It may sound strange, but there are many bodybuilders who do not use cardio in the process of losing fat. The main reason is the increase in appetite that these workouts cause.