How to Purchase a Treadmill – Simple Advisory Guide

How to Purchase a Treadmill – Simple Advisory Guide

You are thinking of buying a treadmill and you are probably not alone. During the nineties of the last century, the treadmill was the most popular piece of sports equipment for home use. Its popularity, however, is not declining even today. There is a good reason for that = the bar burns more calories per hour than any other exercise device. Given this fact, we list a few characteristics of a good treadmill, if you have decided to buy it. Let’s add to this the fact that it is an expensive and long-lasting investment. So, let’s take a look what a good guide to purchase a treadmill, advises us.


One of the most important parts of the tape is the engine. You evaluate it primarily on the basis of horsepower. Horsepower can be marked in the form of final performance, medium work and continuous work. You should look for a treadmill with continuous work. Let it be a tape with at least 1.5 horsepower, even more. Some manufacturers emphasize the ultimate performance of the treadmill. Be careful. It shows the maximum power of the engine, not its continuous power.


How to Purchase a Treadmill - A box of treadmill.

The box is a housing over which the belt is placed. Customers often neglect it, because it is placed under the belt and requires minimal maintenance. There are boxes that can be turned over and used on both sides. This also extends the life of the box.


Look for a frame designed for difficult working conditions, which is made of an alloy with a large amount of steel. This type of frame is more stable and long-lasting compared to those made of aluminum. Also, choose a frame that is welded because it will create less noise than those that are connected with screws.


How to Purchase a Treadmill - A belt of treadmill.

A belt is the part of the tape that wears out over time. It is placed over the box. It can be single-layer and double-layer (it is of better quality and longer lasting). Make sure that it is taut and without folds.


We use rollers to wrap a belt around them, on the front and back. The larger roller allows the belt to move smoothly, with less tension. The ideal roller size is over 5 cm.

Control console

This is the most visible part of the bar. It allows you to track speed, pace, distance and time. In addition, an important feature of a computerized console is that it also tracks average time, calories burned and distance traveled.

Elasticity of the tape

The advantage of running on a treadmill is that it takes place on an elastic surface. This also softens the contact with the surface on which you are running. Thus, you protect the joints and prevent possible injuries. But if you are preparing for a race on asphalt, you need a belt that is minimally elastic.


How to Purchase a Treadmill - A slope of treadmill.

All quality treadmills have the possibility of tilting. The method of tilting varies, but it is important that the tape is stable. Some are predicted to fall. Use them if you are preparing to run downhill.


For most lanes, speeds range from 1 to 10 miles per hour. If you want to participate in competitive races, you can also use those of 12 miles, but we don’t recommend it for recreational purposes.


The size of the belt should be large enough to cover your longest stride, with little space left. The strap should be at least 1.30 m long and 0.45 m wide.

Heart rate monitor

How to Purchase a Treadmill - A treadmill monitor.

There are many ways to measure heart rate. The most accurate is a measure over the chest. It will constantly give you information related to your pulse. There are tapes that automatically “control” the work of your heart by regulating the inclination and speed.


Generally speaking, better quality devices also have a longer warranty. Some manufacturers even offer a lifetime warranty. Although it seems very tempting, it should be borne in mind that it involves both maintenance of the device and proper use.


Before you go shopping, determine exactly what features you want. Take a look at the above facts, consider your wishes and, finally, try the treadmill.