5 Most Beneficial Core Exercises

5 Most Beneficial Core Exercises

Do you limit your core exercises to 6 pack abs and Some occasional sit-ups and push-ups? But core strength goes beyond your thoughts. Whether during your workout or during cleaning the house, core muscle strength plays a vital role. The better the core strength is, the better you work. So let’s read on to find out the more in-depth story behind a good set of abs.

What are the core muscles?

core muscles

These muscles form a central link between your upper and lower body. They are responsible for the stability maintenance of the spine and pelvis a group of core muscles includes internal and external oblique, rectus abdominis, erector spine, and pelvic floor muscles. It is responsible for transferring energy from larger to smaller body parts and thus crucial for sports. Most sports and other physical activities depend on stable core muscles while helping in balance and stability. 

Do you want to start strengthening your core without a gym membership? Just with simple core exercises?

Yes! You can perform many exercises involving your abdominal and back muscles to strengthen your core. You can start by only using free weights to train and stabilizer your core. As mentioned, sit-ups and crunches are useful, but they are not the only exercises for core build-up. Below are a few workouts that you can perform at home for core muscles: 

1. Squats: 

a man doing squats with arms straight

The very basic and easy to perform an exercise for core muscles is doing squats. Follow the instructions below for proper squats: 

  • Stand with your feet not wider apart than your shoulders, and your toes pointed slightly outwards. 
  • Put your arms straight in front of you and keep your chest up. 
  • Breathe deeply into your stomach and push your butt back. Squat down until your hip joint is lower than your knees.
  • Keeping your body tight, breathe out, and drive back on your feet. 
  • Make sure that you squeeze your butt at the top so that you are using your glutes. And you are done with one squat. 
  • Squats are a compound movement that involves most of the body muscles. 

2. Leg Raise: 

leg raise core strength exercise

The perfect alternative to the sit-up is leg raise, which involves the upper and lower and improving your hips and lower back flexibility. Lie back on a flat surface and raise your legs, keeping your feet together. Raise legs until your toes are pointing at the ceiling. Retain the position for a few seconds and slowly come back to the start. 

3. Plank:

a man performing a plank exercise

An ultimate solution to core stabilizing and muscle strengthening. Although this exercise involves minimal movement but requires maximum effort to support your whole body weight on your forearms and toes. It would be best if you lay on the floor so that your body is balanced on your toes and forearms while keeping it straight from shoulders to ankles. Don’t forget to breathe deeply. 

4. Flutter Kicks: 

how to do flutter kicks

Flutter kicks involve the core muscles and specifically the lower abdominal muscles and the hip flexors. It’s a series of quick up and down leg movements. These are essential for anyone looking for the perfect six abs or strong core. Flutter kicks are crucial for swimmers who need to propel themselves through the water with the help of your legs. It’s a simple exercise, as you lie down on your back with your head and shoulders slightly off the ground. Extend your legs and lift your feet a few centimeters off the ground. Start moving one foot up and the other down alternatively at a good pace while maintaining tension in your body. 

Aim to continue the exercise for 30 to 40 seconds and more; you can increase the time for better results. 

5. Knee Pull

knee pull core exercise

Knee pull targets your abs and butt an ultimate stabilizing workout for core. Start with push up position. Keeping the all the body muscles engaged, pull the right knee towards the chest. Round yourself back towards ceiling such that bringing head to meet your knee. Press right heel back to straighten your leg. Hold the position for several seconds until going back to the initial position. Repeat the process for the left lefg.

Other core exercises with pull up bands include side v, torso twist, and many others to strengthen and stabilize your core. So get yourself ready to live a more joyful and active life.