5 Bad Foods That are Disguised as Good

5 Bad Foods That are Disguised as Good

The food industry has a huge impact on your plan to lose weight. Good marketing techniques will make you believe that certain foods are just what you need. However, don’t let them fool you. Take a look at the foods that are bad foods and are disguised as good ones.

1) Low fat yogurt

Low Fat Yogurt

For the process of a certain diet, yogurt seems the most tempting. We usually opt for the one that says “fat-free”. But there is a problem behind this article. Namely, after removing the fat from the yogurt, it no longer tastes good. Most manufacturers make up for this by adding sugar. Also, fat-free yogurt does not have the required density. Then, the manufacturers add various additives to correct the shortcoming. And are the additives healthy?

2) Sugar-free juice

Sugar Free Juice

Diet carbonated juices are full of chemicals, which cause you to feel bloated, have headaches, and even cardiovascular problems.

Also, people who drink these juices feel an increased need for sweets. Of course, in that way, they are spinning in a vicious circle and moving away from the basic goal.

3) Fruit drinks

Fruit Drink

The slogan “made from real fruit” is actually a misconception. You don’t think that’s a completely true statement, do you? Namely, there are indeed fruits, but few. What you actually drink is corn syrup, sugar and various additives. Additives again!

4) Low fat chips – another bad food disguised as good

Low Fat Chips

Anyone who has ever been on a diet has experienced the feeling when they miss the salty taste of crispy chips. If you can’t resist the urge, you’ll actually be eating chips baked in something called a “fat substitute.” And that replacement represents carbohydrates and chemically modified fatty acids. That is why many, after consuming this chips, complain of indigestion.

In general, chips in all forms should be avoided, because it causes a sudden jump in glucose and blood levels and excessive hunger.

5) Chocolate without sugar


This term seems very tempting. You can eat chocolate without any guilt. But you should know that most of these chocolates contain various sugar alcohols. These alcohols can cause various digestive disorders. Also, this chocolate contains fats, so it can be high in calories.

Basic message

Food in its natural form is always a better choice than processed foods. If you feel like eating fruit, eat apple, apricot, orange. And when, however, you buy processed products, read the declaration on the product packaging. However, if the label says the names of the ingredients whose name you can’t even read – go to the market.