How to Increase Muscle Strength in the Fastest Way

How to Increase Muscle Strength in the Fastest Way

Most exercisers want to achieve their goal as quickly as possible. And the goal of those who train is certainly to be as strong as possible. And, of course, they want it to be as fast as possible. However, building muscle requires a lot of time, perseverance and dedication. But there are certain techniques you can use to increase muscle strength in the fastest way.
Here are some of them.

Muscle size

The most important factor in building a stronger body is focusing on large muscles. This primarily refers to the back and thigh muscles. The thigh muscles are the largest muscles of the human body, while the back muscles are the largest in the upper body. , lead to significant progress.

Lifting weights from the back

How to Increase Muscle Strength in the Fastest Way - A guy is preparing for weightlifting at the gym.

There are various traditional exercises for the back muscles, however, try some unconventional movements, in order to accelerate the growth of these muscles.
Try toplifting. This variant allows the use of weights that are higher than usual. Simply, you should do the last 7 to 10 cm of exercises. For maximum safety, it is best to use a lifting stand. Place the bar at a point that is 7 to 10 cm below the point where you can stand upright and place weights. You should perform 3 to 4 sets of this movement. Gradually increase the weight, adding weights. Do not be afraid, your back can handle this.
The next exercise engages the fast-twitching muscles of the back. Hold the weight so that the arms are shoulder-width apart. Bend forward, bend the knees and grasp the weight so that your palms are facing up. Lift the weight up until the bar touches the upper abdominal muscles. .You need to do this exercise in 5 to 7 extremely fast repetitions, in 3 to 4 sets.

Leg strain

In order to be able to lift heavy weights and stimulate your legs in a safe way, you need to use a stand here as well. With a moderate weight on the weight, lower yourself into a squat. Then lift up to a few centimeters less than fully extended legs. By not straightening the legs completely, the thighs remain under constant tension, throughout the set. Do up to 15 reps, in 2 to 4 sets.

Rest period in exercises to increase muscle strength

How to Increase Muscle Strength in the Fastest Way - A guy is resting after weightlifting.

In the initial stage, rest only for 1 minute between sets. The minimum rest period is important to maintain the rhythm of exercise. Only after 4 to 5 weeks, double the rest time between sets. A two-minute rest that comes only after a few weeks will significantly contribute to faster growth. and muscle development.
Otherwise, this type of training should be practiced twice a week, at intervals of 3 to 4 days. At the same time, some lighter exercises can be done.
Finally, a note that goes without saying – all this, of course, you do with the professional help and supervision of your coach.