Swimming for Better Health

Swimming for Better Health

It is the time of summer vacations. Many have sought refreshment at the sea, river or pool. In addition to being extremely pleasant and refreshing, swimming has immeasurable benefits for our body. Experts recommend to almost everyone, with rare and not so strict contraindications due to high temperatures. Swim to improve your general condition and achieve better health.

To whom we recommend to swim?

Almost everyone. In this way, aerobic physical activity is accelerated, all muscles are strengthened and at the same time the cardiovascular system. Water resistance, which is 15 times higher than air resistance, additionally enhances the effects of swimming. Regular light swimming will strengthen blood vessels, increase lung capacity, and deep breathing will supply all cells with additional oxygen. Also, daily, passive lifestyle (sitting) causes numerous problems with the spine and back. Today about 80% of the population has back pain. strengthens the muscles that stabilize the spine, and it is also recommended for pregnant women.
Recreational swimming has a beneficial effect on the elderly. The heart muscle becomes stronger, breathing deepens, cells receive more oxygen. It is also an ideal choice for obese people, because most other activities burden the joints. When swimming, the body apparently loses weight, it significantly reduces and consumes a large amount of energy.

Which muscle group is most activated?

Swim for Better Health - Muscles activated during swimming.

We use different muscle groups for each movement in swimming. All swimmers will develop basic abdominal muscles and lower back muscles. Also, we engage the shoulders and arms, upper back muscles, gluteus and hind legs. Finally, we must mention the most important muscle of our organism – the heart. By swimming for 45 minutes, 3 times a week, the heart muscle pumps blood faster and increases circulation. It is a known fact that circulation is a very important process that takes place in our body and has a beneficial effect on the whole organism.

Can swimming harm anyone?

In case of acute inflammation of muscles or joints, we must take in to account the water temperature (avoid too cold water). Also, when swimming in pools, where the water is treated with chlorine, people who have certain skin diseases should be careful. People with epilepsy should not enter the water without an escort. And, finally, a general tip – you should not swim after a hearty meal, but not hungry, because of the danger of lowering blood sugar levels.

Swimming and children

Swim for Better Health - A little child swimming.

As we have pointed out before, swimming is suitable for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest. Water is ideal for children because it allows them freedom of movement and a feeling of lightness. In addition, children develop basic motor skills, and they strength lungs and heart. A sense of coordination of movements and self-control develops in a child. .

And finally, instead of the conclusion – let’s all swim to health!