How to Get a Higher Level of Training

How to Get a Higher Level of Training

Are you happy with the look of your body? You may like the way it looks now, but you wouldn’t mind putting in a little more effort and making small changes for the better. If you have three months available and you are motivated to exercise regularly, move to a higher level of training.

In this text, we will show you a program of exercises that give fast and visible results. The program consists of complex and isolation exercises.

1. One-handed side rowing

Kneel on the bench with one foot and the other on the ground. Lean on the bench with one hand and hold the one-handed barbell with the other. Keep your back parallel to the floor, straighten your chest and tighten your abdominal muscles. While lowering the load, do not bend your spine and do not lean forward. The arm you are working with should be lowered to the end, in order to feel the tightness in your chest.

2. “Flying” with weights

Sit leaning on a bench. Hold weights in your hands, with your elbows slightly bent. Lower the load on the side of the body and stop when the upper part of your arms is parallel to the floor. Tighten your chest muscles when you return the weights to the upper position. When you finish one set, do another one of 10 reps on a flat chest bench.

3. Fold with the bar on the “Preacher” device

How to Get a Higher Level of Training - a guy has a training on a "preacher" device.

While sitting on the device, keep your upper arm and elbows firmly on the ground, while the load is in your hands. When you lift the load, tighten your biceps and hold your wrists tightly. If you want to make the exercise harder, lower the load only halfway, and then raise it completely.

4. Upright rowing

Relax your shoulders and raise the bar to your upper chest. Keep your elbows higher than your fist levels, all the time exercising. If you also want to activate your shoulders, do a push-up over your head.

5. Lateral lifting with weights

Relax your knees and shoulders, and bend your elbows slightly. Lift the load from the side and stay in that position for a second. Start this exercise with a higher load and do the maximum number of repetitions. Then reduce the load, but still work with the maximum number of repetitions.

6. French thrust as a higher level of training

How to Get a Higher Level of Training - French thrust.

You are on the bench, in a semi-lying position. The bar you hold in your hands lowers to your forehead, without moving your shoulders. When you have done one set, intensify the exercise by holding the bar with a narrow grip (hands are close together). Make sure your elbows stay in the same line as in the previous version.


These are just some of the exercises that you can do with greater or lesser intensity. Experts have proven that changing the intensity of exercise is very effective. Because, if you constantly exercise with a strong intensity, you can easily reach a state of overtraining, which limits your progress. Trainings of different strengths reduce the risk of injuries and additionally motivate you. Therefore, to achieve maximum results, divide the intensity into cycles.