How to “Pick Up” Abs From a Plate

How to “Pick Up” Abs From a Plate

Of course, here we do not mean that you literally eat full plates of food, in order to develop your abdominal muscles. In addition to a certain diet, there are foods that can help you. If you take them properly, adjust and “pick up” your abs from a plate. On this way you will get a flat stomach. Also, we do not neglect the obligatory physical activity.

Eat fibrous foods

Foods rich in fiber make the meal more plentiful, so it maintains a feeling of satiety for a longer period. For example, if you eat vegetables rich in fiber (broccoli) with a meal, you eat about 100 calories less. . The optimal dose is up to 25 g per day.

Pay attention to salt intake

Salt is a vital component of any diet, but the amount you need is very small (about 6 grams per day). The large amounts of salt, which we find in unprocessed and fast foods, are not friends of your abs. Excessive salt makes you weigh about 1 kg. The reason is that your body retains an additional amount of water to dissolve.

Eat more protein

How to "pick up" abs from a plate - a food with protein.

The main components of protein are amino acids, which are very important for building muscle. Also, your body consumes up to 30% more energy while breaking down proteins, and thus speeds up metabolism. You should consume about 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight every day.

Don’t forget the fat

Although, of course, you should avoid fried and fatty foods, the body needs Omega fatty acids (nuts, fish). One study shows that men who took omega fats have higher testosterone levels. And we know that testosterone is necessary for building muscle mass, as well as breaking down fat deposits.

Quality carbohydrates

How to "pick up" abs from a plate - a food with quality carbohydrates.

Without carbohydrates (but quality ones), it is difficult to get rid of fat and build muscle, because they maintain glycogen levels. If your glycogen levels drop, your body will start burning proteins that are necessary for muscle development. Carbohydrates in cereals are rich in vitamin B, which helps convert glucose into energy.

Eat several times a day

Experts advise us: ignore the usual 3 full meals a day. It is much more efficient to eat even 6 times a day, of course, smaller meals. Each intake of food starts our metabolism and speeds it up by about 10%. Of course, this process has a positive effect not only on our digestive organs, but also on combustion. fat.In addition, it will suppress the feeling of hunger, and provide you with a slight satiety during the day.


So, to conclude – these few suggestions will certainly help you reach the desired goal (tight abs). But, that is certainly not the only way to achieve that. They only represent an “aid” to regular physical activity.