Diet and Important Facts You Must Not Forget

Diet and Important Facts You Must Not Forget

There are countless texts about food, diets, diet, etc. Most of us mostly know the basic information, especially if it relates directly to ourselves. However, we believe that it is not superfluous for us to dedicate this text to diet and important facts that you must not forget.

Nuts – high-energy healthy food

A positive step in your diet, but also in the implementation of the diet, is certainly the consumption of nuts. Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds are very healthy foods, which will saturate you at the same time. They are all very rich in calories, but still do not grow. The secret is that they suppress hunger and speed up metabolism. If you add these fruits to your diet, you will maintain a good line. At the same time, you protect your body from heart disease and breast cancer. A few pieces of these fruits, if you consume them constantly, will be a great factor in maintaining your health.

Alcohol is extremely high in calories

Alcoholic beverages contain 7.5 calories per gram, which is almost the same as if you had taken some fat. Of course, we do not equate a glass of wine with a fatty, baked steak.

Diet and important facts you must not forget - a fat guy is drinking beer.

But, long-term consumption of alcohol in excessive amounts will increase the volume of your waist. Needless to say, this will seriously impair your health, and as a result, certain social problems will arise.

Red meat and risks of consumption

Excessive intake of red and processed meat increases the percentage of heart and carcinogenic diseases. On the other hand, consuming chicken and turkey significantly reduces that risk. Therefore, improve the quality of your diet, reduce the intake of meat products, and be sure to include chicken, turkey and fish in your menu.

A diet with more or less fat

A diet high in fat and protein and low in carbohydrates is good for weight loss during the first few months. But they are not an ideal solution for long-term cardiovascular health. Blood counts in people who have practiced this diet for a long time have worsened blood fats. At the same time, the subjects who were on diets with less saturated fat, improved the blood picture and reduced the level of cholesterol.

Olive oil must not be forgotten

Diet and important facts you must not forget - Olive Oil.

Unrefined olive oil contains polyphenols, which are the main “fighters” against free radicals. We know that free radicals are the main causes of weakening the immune system and the development of heart disease and cancer.
More frequent consumption of olive oil is also the reason why people from Mediterranean countries, which are rich in olives, live longer and have the lowest rate of heart disease.


As we said at the beginning, we probably did not “discover America” ​​in this text, but we believe that, from time to time, we need to remind ourselves of some facts that can benefit us.