A Few Simple Ways to Reduce Daily Stress

A Few Simple Ways to Reduce Daily Stress

In today’s everyday life, with an accelerated lifestyle, there are few people who do not experience more or less stress. In the following text, we will try to show you a few simple ways to reduce stress or get rid of it. You have two options: To ignore the cramp in your neck, and try to drive away the panic with a cup of coffee, or to take a minute to stretch and breathe, which relaxes your cramped muscles.

If you choose the other way, there are simple techniques that can give you the strength to calm down and become more successful. Take advantage of the following techniques that are available to you on a daily basis.

Aggressive people

Indecent waiters, dishonest taxi drivers, aggressive co-workers and others can cause negative emotions in you. Try to suppress these emotions as follows:

Reduce stress with aggressive people contact.

Inhale strongly. Stand with both feet on the ground, stretch your neck towards the ceiling, lift your chin, “open your chest”. Keep your knees loose. In this way, you will project self-confidence and reduce the effect of aggression.

Your computer broke down

You are about to finish a very important presentation, but the screen has darkened. You start pressing the keyboard frantically, while your pulse speeds up more and more. The data may be lost, but you don’t have to put all the blame on yourself. Do this exercise:

A guy is having a stress with broken computer.

Take a deep breath. Now exhale and bend at the hip so that your torso is closer to your thighs, and relax your head and relax your arms so that it hangs above the floor. Inhale deeply 10 times.

Reduce stress at deadlines

The deadline for submitting an important project is approaching. You have to focus on the job, but for some reason you can’t get started. Instead of getting annoyed and thinking about how helpless you are, try this simple exercise:

A guy is reducing stress with visualization.

Visualization. Sit comfortably in a chair. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of your own breathing. Imagine doing it step by step, everything you need to meet the deadline. At the end of this vision, you will conclude that you have done your assigned job. Slowly open your eyes, and after a few seconds, take action.

Avoid stress in insomnia

Excessive exhaustion leads to fatigue of the whole organism. As a result, sleep disorders occur, and insomnia occurs very often. There is a cure for this:

A girl is reducing stress against insomnia.

Prolonged exhalation. Lie on your back. Place one pillow under your head and one under your knees to allow your lower abdominal muscles to relax completely. This will allow you to breathe deeper. Put your hands on your stomach, to feel them rise as you inhale and lower as you exhale. Try to inhale the air while counting to 4 and exhale it while counting to 8. If this did not help you then adjust your breathing technique so that the exhalation is 2 times longer than the inhalation. Repeat until you feel sleepy.


In addition to the above-mentioned opportunities, ie troubles, in which you can find yourself, there are other numerous situations (nervousness in traffic, going to a job interview, being late, arguing). On all these occasions, try to apply one of the techniques we have recommended. We hope that with your own suggestion and willpower, you will be able to overcome or at least alleviate stressful situations in time.