10 Simple Things You Can Do Anywhere To Relax

10 Simple Things You Can Do Anywhere To Relax

A trip to the spa at the end of the week or a solemn yoga class are good ways to relax, but what if you can’t afford them? What if you really need to de-stress right where you are and can’t wait till weekend?

Maybe you’re on your way home after a tough meeting or on a bus to save Jumanji and you’re looking to relieve yourself of that stress that’s putting you off. These 10 things can help you do that and they are simple enough that you can do them anywhere without needing to visit the spa.

Play your favorite music playlist

A girl is listening her favorite music at home

Music can help you relax and beat the stress out. Playing your favorite music or beat can suck in your attention and get you to sing along and, before you know it, away goes your worries.

Although, listening to music when stressed may not immediately come to mind because your mood may not want you to, but if attempted, you’d be amazed to FEEL how much it works to put you in a good mood.

If you’re at a public place, plug in your airpods and hum along or sing aloud if you won’t be a bother.

The type of music to play depends totally on your music taste but slower tunes are more favorable.

Take a walk

Three people walking in a park

One of the things you can do anywhere to relax is taking a walk. If you’re at home, you can get out and take a walk. In your office, pretend to get coffee and take a walk to the lobby. On the bus, if there’s enough space, sure!

Taking a walk does more benefit to your health than you think.

Taking a walk allows you to clear your head and find a solution to that problem that’s been playing on your mind.

It also allows you to walk away from stressors like the pile of files on the desk that you have to work on or that annoying colleague you can’t win an argument with because he’s always right.

Watch your favorite comedy movie

A girl having fun watching a comedy at home

This is something you can do anywhere and anytime to help you relax those tense muscles except when you’re at a public place or when you’re on the bus. You may have to find a less crowded spot or get off the bus to do that.

Laughing is helpful to your health in many ways, one of which is relieving you of stress and brightening your mood by boosting your endorphin level.

Watching a movie you find funny should help you laugh stress away even if it’s a short comedy as the thought of laughter alone can help you reduce stress, a study shows.

After all, laughter is the best medicine… when you don’t have a cracked rib!

Breathe in and out

A girl is taking deep breaths in and out and sighs stress away

Taking deep breaths in and out is a quick way to relax and sigh stress away.

Deep breathing is an act you’ll find in meditation and yoga classes. It helps you think more clearly, calm down, and relax. Slowly breathe in and out when you feel stressed and continue till you’re sure you’re relaxed.

Of course you can breathe anywhere.

Play your favorite game

A group of girls are relaxing with playing ball

Another thing you can do to relax wherever you are is to play that game you enjoy the most.

When you play a game you love, your attention is drawn towards reaching a goal or beating a level in the game and your mood is boosted because of the pleasure you derive from it.

Playing your favorite game is a great way to relax while also having fun.

Chew a gum

A young girl is chewing a bubblegum

Have you ever seen players, coaches, and managers chomping so much gum and wondered why that is? Well, now you know. It is to ease out the building tension.

The benefits of chewing a stick of gum are not limited to easing tense muscles and reducing stress alone. Chewing a stick of gum is now being encouraged by teachers and some teachers now hand out gums during exams because, apparently, it can improve memory performance.

Although the reason is unknown, it may be as a result of the increase in blood sugar to help the brain focus and concentrate. And that’s another good reason to chew a stick of gum – sugarless gums are more encouraged.

You can chew gums anywhere when you’re stressed, you just have to buy them.

Encourage yourself

A girl is enjoying at the moment by the sea

This is something you can do anywhere without buying anything.

Encouraging yourself might just be what you need to rise above your worries and steer a clear strategy towards your goal.

Tell yourself why you’re stressed and slowly talk yourself through ways you can approach and solve that thing that’s stressing you. Once that’s done, assure yourself that everything will be fine.

Now breathe. Phew… stress gone!

Think about what makes you happy

A guy is thinking about something (or someone) nice and beautiful

Sometimes, the exciting feeling of going home can help lift your mood and toss stress away.

Thinking about your wife and kids and picturing your favorite food on the table may be what you need to stop worrying and relax.

The success coming your way could also be what makes you happy. You want to buy that dream car you so badly want and ride it around town to piss off your nosy neighbors. You can taste it already. It’s fulfilling.

Thinking about what makes you happy and being grateful for it can be a great mood-booster and help you reduce stress levels anywhere.

Stand up and stretch

A girl is stretching

Stretching is another thing you can do to relax your tense muscles and increase productivity, especially when you’re the type that sits a lot.

When you’re stressed, either physically or emotionally, your muscles react by tightening up.

Your shoulder, neck, and upper back are more likely to hold stress and you should give them a good old fashioned stretch, and if you can stretch your whole body where you are, go ahead!

Yawn it out!

A guy is yawning in the bed

 Have you ever felt the urge to yawn in public and stifled it? One good reason for this is because yawning may be seen as rude or impolite and that’s why people cover their mouths with their hands when they yawn but yawning is a healthy thing to do.

It’s a good thing to yawn and you should try to excite a yawn when you feel stressed or tired as it helps your body flex your muscles and increase alertness.

You don’t have to force a yawn. In fact, just as seeing somebody yawn can trigger a yawn, thinking or reading about yawning can trigger you to yawn. I just yawned!

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