Some Useful Tips to Keep You Healthy

Some Useful Tips to Keep You Healthy

Maybe this title sounds a bit out of place and not interesting enough. Well, of course, we all, more or less, know what to follow and what to do in order to improve our health. However, you might still learn something new. On the other hand, even though you already know everything well, it is not superfluous to at least remind yourself of well-known facts. So, let’s look at some useful tips to keep you healthy.

1. Sugar = high blood pressure

Blood pressure

If physical appearance is important to you, you’ve probably limited your sugar intake. But you must not forget that it is not only your stomach that is at risk from too much sugar. Scientific research has proven that foods rich in sugar drastically increase the risk of high blood pressure. Therefore, do not think that it is enough to just throw out salt and fat and thus avoid the appearance of hypertension.

2. Cigarettes and their impact on breathing

Of course, we all know the impact of tobacco smoke and nicotine on our health. It may even be superfluous to say anything about it. However, let’s look at at least some scientific knowledge about the consequences of smoking. Namely, the American Lung Disease Association determined many years ago that lung diseases are the fourth leading cause of death in America. We know that the basis of these diseases is improper breathing and insufficient oxygen supply. If the presence of nicotine is added to that, it is clear that “favorable” conditions are created for the development of obstructive lung diseases.

Cigarette breathing

By the way, we must mention that this phenomenon occurs even in people who are not passionate smokers or those who once consumed cigarettes. In other words, science says that if you are over 35 and have smoked a total of more than 100 cigarettes, you have become an excellent candidate for this disease. Many believe that irregular breathing (shortness of breath) is a common phenomenon that comes with age. For this reason, many people live with pulmonary obstruction without the disease being diagnosed.
That is why it is important that, regardless of whether you are a smoker or not, you recognize the symptoms in time and see a doctor.

3. Facial redness – rosacea

Facical redness

Even several million people face this phenomenon. It is a condition of the skin of the face that is manifested by redness or bumps on the face, nose or forehead. It is mainly caused by bacteria or microscopic skin mites. In addition, some factors that activate this condition are stress, dehydration, excessive exposure to the sun, staying in overheated rooms.
Prevention of this phenomenon is to wash your face daily with soap that does not contain alcohol and various fragrances. In any case, be sure to consult a dermatologist.

4. Hydration as a suggestion for preserving health


Another tip we all know well. Do we adhere to it? We probably all know how important it is to get fluids, or water, into our body. That’s why we won’t even write about it. Experts’ recommendations about the necessary amount of water we drink are different. About 2 liters per day is most often mentioned. However, there are also opinions, represented by active athletes, that speak of much higher amounts. Namely, their proposal is 50 ml of water per kilogram of body weight, which can amount to over 4 liters.
Of course, the needs of their body are different and that’s why we will stick to the mentioned 2 liters.
One suggestion: use the color of your urine to check if your body is dehydrated. If your urine is dark in color, it means that you are not drinking enough water.


Of course, the list of useful tips could be longer, but let this be enough as a reminder.