When it’s Really too Much Exercise

When it’s Really too Much Exercise

A large number of people exercise not only for health or cosmetic reasons, but also for the feeling that exercise provides. In fact, exercise can be compared to the feeling you get from your first morning coffee, without which you can’t imagine starting the day. But just as caffeine can be addictive, so can exercise. Of course, addiction is always associated with something potentially dangerous. Although exercise benefits our health, it should be remembered that it can also be dangerous if practiced excessively. That is why in this text we will try to answer the question “When is it really too much exercise?”

Characteristics of people who exercise too much

Too much exercises

Characteristics of people who exercise too much
To begin with, we must mention that such exercisers should be distinguished from top athletes, who train devotedly and systematically. And, while the latter achieve enviable results, exercise “addicts” often end up overtrained, or even injured.
Why? Simple – the difference is in attitude and attitude towards exercise.
Let’s look at some characteristics of such practitioners:

  1. They only feel good when they train
  2. They do not enjoy other areas of social life (family, work, friends)
  3. They hang out exclusively with people who also exercise a lot
  4. often feel anxious or depressed
  5. Even when they get hurt, they continue to practice

Where is the real reason

There are two opinions about what is the basic problem of this kind of behavior of practitioners. One view claims that people actually become addicted to the hormones secreted during exercise. Indeed, it is a fact that the level of endomorphin and seratonin increases significantly, even after exercise.
But most experts believe that the reasons are of a psychological nature. Namely, they believe that this type of addiction occurs in people who are perfectionists, extremely organized and have clear goals. Also, these are the ones who often have a bad opinion of themselves, are prone to anxiety or depression.

How to cure yourself from too much exercise

Gym injury

The first step to recovery is for the person to admit that they are addicted to excessive training. In other words, she should be helped to see her attitudes realistically and try to overcome the problem. Talking with family and friends is of great importance. In this way, we will help her to slowly fit into the regular flow of social life and that exercise does not become her dominant activity.
So, in addition to actively exercising, do not neglect other areas of life. Make training just a part of your daily duties. Either way, don’t let exercise dictate how you fill your time. There are many other activities that can fill your life

To conclude – when is really too much exercise

If, reading this text, you have at least partially found yourself, change that form of behavior. To that end – read the previous paragraph again.