Your Guide to the Best and Worst Food

Your Guide to the Best and Worst Food

The fact is that man, as a conscious being, very easily succumbs to temptations and indulges his desires. Do you also belong to the group of people who enjoy vacations and holidays, because then, with food and drink, the best time is to spend time with friends? If your answer is yes, maybe these tips will help you stay slim and healthy while enjoying your favorite meals. For that reason, read this guide to the best and worst foods.

Good and bad food

As a useful note, we cite the fact that the average person can gain up to 700 grams of weight during a weekend of celebration. That is why it is very important to take care of what we put into the body. Perhaps some information will even pleasantly surprise you and show you that it is not so terrible to pay attention to the choice of food we eat.

What is good and what is bad food?

For example, we recommend fried foods as a good breakfast. But try to use wholemeal bread and only one whole egg, along with a few egg whites. As a supplement, take frozen fruit, which will melt and turn into syrup.
On the other hand, experts do not recommend various fruit shakes, especially purchased ones. If you want a shake, make a combination of low-fat yogurt, fruit, and whey powder.

We suggest lunch and dinner

Launch and dinner

In case you want to eat potatoes as part of your lunch, make them sweet. Namely, most people prepare potatoes by adding unnecessary fat, too much salt, or milk. However, nutritionists say – when we talk about any vegetable, preparation should be as simple as possible. So, simply bake sweet potatoes.
Also, avoid preparing spinach by adding milk, cream or mayonnaise. Spinach is otherwise a very healthy food and there is no need to overdo it with supplements.
As a suggestion for a healthy dinner, prepare white meat. White turkey meat is an excellent source of protein, unlike all types of red meat, which is rich in fat. Besides, if you want beef, make it beefsteak. Since we are talking about red meat, let us note that the essence is in which part of the body it comes from. Fattier pieces can be recognized by the fact that they are softer and juicier.

Good and bad dessert

Generally speaking, all pies are junk food. But, depending on the recipe, you can also find some healthy ones. Likewise, if we use, for example, pumpkin, we should know that it is very rich in vitamin A and is an excellent source of fiber.


At the same time, pies made with dried or candied fruit, which contain preservatives and additives, of course cannot be recommended as a good choice.
Of course, we must also mention chocolate. Its main ingredient, cocoa, reduces the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. By the way, it is interesting to note that the high content of cocoa also affects the reduction of fat deposits. So, opt for dark, rather than milk, chocolate.

What does this guide to the best and worst foods tell us?

Maybe we didn’t learn anything we didn’t already know. But we hope that it is at least a reminder that we can eat deliciously even without foods that we often use unnecessarily.