Pine Honey Best Way to Return Your Health

Pine Honey Best Way to Return Your Health

Pine is a highly valued tree in many countries, sometimes even sacred. It has long been considered curative, as it effectively treats the most serious diseases of the respiratory tract. One of the products of this tree, which was obtained by processing the fruit, is pine honey, a very medicinal substance that has multiple purposes.

Useful properties

On pine branches you can see cones – fruits from which it is possible to obtain various substances that will help you make various medicinal substances. Male cones (which form pollen) are small, light yellow in color. In addition, there are young, green buds, which contain maximum amount of nutrients. They are collected in the period until they reach a size of 3 to 4 cm and do not get a brown color. The young cones contain a large amount of healthy oils, resins, organic acids, vitamins and minerals. Essential oils stop the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and regulate capillary permeability. The resin, which contains turpentine, protects against fungi and regulates the amount of cholesterol. Minerals improve the flow of oxygen in the tissues, help against stress, strengthen the nervous system, and improve the work of the heart.

Here are some effective recipes that you can make yourself:

Pine honey for the respiratory system

Pine Honey Best Way to Return Your Health - healthy lungs.

In a glass jar, alternately arrange the dried and cut green buds and quality honey. When you fill the jar to 2/3 of the seal and leave it next to the heat source. With daily turning, keep it like that for 20 days. Strain through gauze into another glass container and keep it in a dark place. Take one spoon on an empty stomach, for 3 weeks. Take a break for a week and, if necessary, repeat the procedure.

If you have bronchitis or pneumonia, consume this honey half an hour before the main meal. This will strengthen your lungs.

Pine ointment for external use

Pine Honey Best Way to Return Your Health - Skin care with honey.

Melt 100 g of lard in steam and add 40 g of dry, chopped pine buds. Stir, give and leave to stand overnight. In the morning, stirring constantly, melt again in steam, continue through gauze and pour into a glass jar. Close and leave to tighten. If necessary, apply to sore joints, back, cuts and other wounds, which you have previously disinfected. This application has an analgesic effect, prevents wound infection and accelerates its healing.

Solution against kidney stones and gallbladder

Put the young cones in an enamel bowl and pour water over them. Cook for 5 to 7 minutes. Leave to cool and strain. Drink 50 ml three times a day, after meals. The procedure lasts 3 weeks.

Tincture against hypertension

Pour a quarter of a glass of chopped cones with 500 ml of vodka. Set to stand for 21 days. Use three times a day per teaspoon, for a month.


This was an attempt to tell you that, in addition to ready-made, chemical substances, you can also look for medicines for some health problems in the “green pharmacy”.