How to Successfully Train Your Appetite

How to Successfully Train Your Appetite

Even people who decide to keep a child find it extremely difficult to count the calories contained in the meals they consume. Perhaps the key to this problem is in a different approach. Try to train your appetite.

Signs sent by your body

A physical sensation, like a stomach ache, can really be a sign that you have taken a long break between meals. However, people often even see yawning as an invitation to lunch, even though it means something completely different.

For most of us, food is a source of pleasure and we want to enjoy it longer. But our task is to recognize at the right time the feelings of the place that the body gives us. Therefore, eat slowly, with occasional, short breaks, because you will, in one , feel that your body is full.

How to successfully train your appetite - a girl is healthy eating.

Suggestion: before you sit at the table, turn off the TV, remove the newspaper or mobile phone. In a word, remove everything that distracts you from food. This reduces the possibility of allowing yourself too much enjoyment of food, thus using the amount of food consumed.

Consult the hunger scale

To let you know when you are really hungry, when you eat for some other reason, we suggest that you start eating when your hunger rate is 3 to 5.

The hunger scale can be represented as follows:

1. You are completely full

2 – 3 You begin to feel mild hunger

4 – 5 You feel pain in your stomach, you are definitely hungry

6 – 7 You get nervous, you are very hungry

8 – 10 You are “dying” of hunger

If you start eating after the 5th degree, the feeling of food will be out of your control, and the result will be overeating.

Eat positively

It is well known that positive thinking is a source of strength and energy. Most diets are based on the principles of illicit (negative) food. Therefore, diet becomes a negative force that the body has to fight. When you want forbidden food, rank your need for it. If that need is not strong, win it. Restraining this urge to help It will make you think well before you start eating. At the same time, it will raise your self-confidence, which you will be able to apply later.

How to successfully train your appetite - a girl is healthy eating.

In addition, the willpower gained in this way will help you learn when to get up from the table with food. You will set all your controls over your own appetite and in a duel with it, it will come out as a winner.