How to Become More Beautiful and Healthier with the Roller Skates

How to Become More Beautiful and Healthier with the Roller Skates

Rollerblading is an ideal way for recreation, because it is simple and attractive. Rollerblading is popular among almost all generations, is extremely healthy and has many benefits for our body. Read this text and learn how to become more beautiful and healthier with the roller skates.

A brief history of rollerblading

The forerunner of today’s roller skates originated in the 18th century in the Netherlands with the aim of simulating skating on dry ground. In the following decades, various modifications of roller skates occasionally appeared, but the technology at that time was unsuitable for popularizing this sport.

Definitely, in the 20th century American hockey players, the Olson brothers, found a solution. They further improved roller skates and thus made it possible to play hockey in the summer months, on dry ground.

Rolling characteristics

Today, rollerblading is mostly perceived as a recreational sport. Due to its simplicity and attractiveness, it is popular among all generations. It is extremely healthy and has a very favorable effect on physical and mental health.

While riding roller skates, the whole body moves, the muscles of the back, buttocks, abdomen and thighs are activated. It also has a positive effect on the respiratory system, improves circulation, reduces tension and stiffness in the back and shoulders. It also significantly improves your psychomotor abilities and coordination of movements. In addition to staying outdoors and concentrating on driving, rollerblading will also help you get rid of stress. In addition, rollerblading most often takes place in society, and it is important to mention the social component.

How to become more beautiful and healthier with the roller skates - a guy is   driving a roller skate.

Rollerblading is also ideal for those who are overweight. Experts have determined that a two-hour rollerblading burns about 1000 calories, and gets you a flat stomach.

The driving technique is quick and easy to learn. However, we recommend prior consultation with experienced roller skaters, in order to prevent beginner mistakes and injuries. Also, pre-heating is very important before driving. You should feel stable in the rollers. When you put them on, the shoes should not squeeze you, nor should they be too big.

How to choose good roller skates?

Today, there is a diverse offer of a large number of roller skates on the market. The basic division refers to whether you buy this prop as a beginner or a professional. Rollers for beginners have wheels of relatively smaller diameter, which allows a high level of control and prevents high speeds.

Modern technology finds innovative solutions here as well. So, for example, there are roller skates with a brake that is activated as soon as the driver bends his knees. At the same time, roller skates for professionals, intended for fast racing, can even be without brakes.

How to become more beautiful and healthier with the roller skates - a professional roller skates.

If you have chosen the right props to start driving, there is very little risk of injury. If they do get injured, then they are lighter in nature (scratches or bruises on the knees or wrists). However, it may be best to wear protective shields and a helmet as a precaution, because there is always the possibility of a heavier fall.


If you have never tried this simple sport before, summer is the right opportunity for that. We have listed all the benefits of engaging in this activity in the text above. Check them out!