Mild Depression and How To Recognize it

Mild Depression and How To Recognize it

Generally speaking, we very often and easily conclude that we ourselves, or someone from the environment, are depressed. We think that the symptoms are mostly known to us and we make a “diagnosis” without hesitation. However, a true and accurate diagnosis is not so easy to make. At the same time, there are a large number of people who are not even aware that they have the initial signs of something we call “mild depression”.

How to recognize the symptoms of mild depression?

In short, we will first present the symptoms of depression in general. One of the criteria for diagnosing this disease is that a person feels difficulties in performing daily task. Fatigue accumulates, sleep does not bring relief, nervousness appears for no reason.

People with mild depression are usually in a bad mood in the morning, they have a hard time facing the day ahead of them. They fulfill their obligations, take care of their family and perform daily activities. However, they do not feel satisfied while doing so and most often feel guilty that they have to make a great effort to do it all.

Doctors believe that there are not a small number of people who, in a certain period of their lives, did not have the above-mentioned forms of behavior.

Risks of developing depression

There are a number of factors that determine whether a person will develop depression or not. These are, first of all, genetics and personality structure. Hypersensitive and introverted people are at much higher risk. The occurrence of depression also depends on childhood experiences (for example – loss parents), as well as from events in later life (problems in marriage, work, etc.) It is interesting to note that the sex of a person affects the occurrence of this disorder. Research shows that unmarried women are less likely to show depressive behavior than married women. At the same time, unmarried men are more likely to suffer from depression than married men.

Mild Depression and How To Recognize it - a girl is in depression.

In addition to the mentioned, individual, characteristics, there are also general, global events in the world. We are witnessing the appearance of the Covid – 19 virus pandemic, which will only show its results in this area in the coming period.


It often happens that people from the environment notice this form of behavior before the person in whom the depression manifests itself. Maybe that is the reason why only half of people with depression turn to a doctor for medical treatment.