Simple Exercises in Nature and Simultaneous Fat Burning

Simple Exercises in Nature and Simultaneous Fat Burning

When we say “training”, we primarily mean training in gyms. There are exercisers who train exclusively on the equipment that is in them. But there are also those who do their training outside. Here we do not mean people who live in climatic conditions that dictate training in nature (for example – Scandinavian countries, Canada, etc.). In this text we will focus on simple exercises and fat burning in nature that you can do in any conditions.


Simple Exercises in Nature and Simultaneous Fat Burning - Cycling in Nature.

To properly engage in this sport, you need a mountain bike. It has wide tires with crampons that stick to different surfaces and stay stable on them. If you plan to seriously engage in this sport, you must have a helmet, cycling pants and sneakers. the clothes are in a color that is easily seen on the road. For a start, ride on a flat surface, until you gain the appropriate condition. Only later do you include the slope in your ride. When you finish your tour, rest for 20 to 30 minutes. After that, switch to interval training.

Interval training in nature

Simple Exercises in Nature and Simultaneous Fat Burning - Interval training in Nature.

This training includes 30 minutes of cardio cycling, for stronger fat burning and higher aerobic capacity. Ride with about 90% of the load for a total of 2 minutes, then ride slowly for 1 minute. Repeat this cycle 10 times within 30 minutes. Include uphill in your variations later, and adjust your driving time to your cardio abilities.

Trim walking and regular walking

These are popular exercises that you can do with family or friends. Scientists say that a brisk walk is a great way to prevent back pain. In addition, walking is a great fighter against obesity. Weights that can be worn around the ankles on the arms and legs during walking help a lot in removing calories. Experts claim that weights on the joints have a much greater effect in burning fat than wearing them on the thighs or waist.

Simple Exercises in Nature and Simultaneous Fat Burning - Walking in Nature.

Also, calorie consumption increases by about 30% if you carry a backpack on your back that weighs about 20% of your body weight.

Walk fast and flap your arms. Walk as fast as you can while talking. The heart rate you need to reach is 55 to 90% of your maximum heart rate.


So, regardless of the weather conditions, or the distance to the gym, find a way to get started. Any physical activity will significantly increase your fitness and burn fat. If it takes place in nature, it is clear how much oxygen your body will “feed”. The end result will be – improved health.