Important Facts about Fatigue and Tips for Overcoming it

Important Facts about Fatigue and Tips for Overcoming it

Lately, you have turned into your opposite. You are sad, nervous, forgetful, tired, without will and energy for everyday activities. Let’s try to figure out what the reason is. If we look at some facts about fatigue, we may find tips for overcoming it.

Adrenal fatigue

We have all heard of the adrenal glands and the hormones they secrete. Any stress in the body produces increased secretion of the hormone cortisol, which acts as a defense mechanism. However, if there is constant stress and the need to secrete cortisol, there will be an imbalance in the body. Excessive cortisol secretion leads to disorders of other adrenal hormones (progesterone, estrogen, testosterone). This disorder leads to digestive problems, obesity, excessive fatigue, depression. Of course, all this reflects on your general condition.

Stress and lifestyle as a factor of fatigue

Statistics say that about 70% of the population feels stress on a daily basis. Unconsciously, we try to be one step ahead of ourselves. And then, in order to rest and recreate, we go to training. But, while training, during the exercise, we think about tomorrow’s business obligations, parental or partner problems, financial expenses. Will our training have the desired effect?


At the same time, your hormones continue to work and produce negative consequences, because you are still under stress. In addition, you are burdened with your body weight, constantly count calories, take care of healthy meals. Despite good intentions and right goals, you may experience a hormonal collapse.

So, stop and listen to your body. Adapt to his needs. Do not train more than 1 hour a day, rest, meditate. In other words, don’t let your best goals become the cause of your dissatisfaction and fatigue.

How to overcome fatigue

Chronic stress does not necessarily throw you off the fitness track and a healthy lifestyle. With a certain level of awareness, you can give yourself tips for overcoming fatigue.


  1. Meditate (10 minutes of meditation a day significantly reduces stress)
  2. Create a lifestyle (make a list of all possible situations, even people who have a stressful impact on you. Adapt or change your perception of all stressors and prepare to cope with them as easily as possible.)
  3. Breathe – it may sound strange, but most people do not know how to breathe properly. When you breathe properly, your abdomen expands, not your upper chest.
  4. Stop stimulants – At least for a while, get rid of the habit of consuming sweets, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine
  5. Express your feelings – in other words, talk about your emotions with your partner, friend, professional therapist. Even simpler – write a diary every day
  6. Train short – Overtraining and too long workouts can burden the body and cause a sudden jump in cortisol. We have already pointed out where that can take you. Therefore, incorporate your training into one hour.


You can supplement or adjust the list of tips we have given you yourself. But do not forget that the rules you set for yourself must not have an alternative, nor do they allow compromises.