Fatigue as a Cause of the Occurrence of Disease

Fatigue as a Cause of the Occurrence of Disease

We all have an accelerated pace of life and often do not understand that many diseases have appeared because we overload our body. Ayurveda experts believe that balance is the most important thing in life. They claim that by disturbing that balance, fatigue occurs, which as an end result can be the cause of illness.

Balance of life

Most of us live in such a way that we do not find time even for ourselves. Proponents of Ayurveda say that we should live in harmony with nature. In the morning, we should dedicate our body and soul. In other words, we should do light gymnastics, yoga or showering. We dedicate the second part of the day to activities related to business obligations. We should set aside time before going to bed only for ourselves, that is, hanging out with friends, reading, going out in the evening. So, let it be of our own choice.

The main goal – the elimination of fatigue

Chronic Fatigue.

Despite technological advances and the improvement of working conditions, many are still exhausted by hard and excessive work. For example, someone works two jobs, has work obligations on weekends, does not go on vacation. All this is in order to gain material benefits and increase income or support the family. However, most do not realize that working to their extremes leads them to exhaustion that, sometimes literally, kills them.
Therefore, the main goal of a person should be to eliminate fatigue from everyday life, which will cause the appearance of diseases. So, do not set yourself big tasks and do not fight for excessive income. Try to be healthy and capable of everyday life for as long as possible.

Vacation is used for rest

Resting girl.

From all the above, we conclude that, in addition to the fact that work is our primary activity, rest also plays an important role in our lives. Don’t work to exhaustion. Make yourself rest. Don’t set yourself urgent tasks and obligations all the time. Monitor the level of fatigue, reduce it to the maximum. Do not turn yourself into a third shift worker, if you have already done one shift. Free time, weekends and vacations exist just for you to relax.


Of course, work created man. He sets us apart and distinguishes us from other living beings. But, in order to be successful in work, we must be healthy and have the necessary energy. And we can be healthy and capable only if we provide ourselves with certain preconditions.
Therefore, gather the strength to perform daily duties. To that end – rest and stay healthy. Avoid fatigue and illness, so you can work unhindered.