Bench-press Variations for Bigger and Stronger Pectoral Muscles

Bench-press Variations for Bigger and Stronger Pectoral Muscles

The bench press is in charge of the appearance of massive and impressive pectoral muscles (and triceps). Of the various bench press variations for larger and stronger pectoral muscles, we will mention, among others, the following: thrust with reverse grip, with narrow grip, JM thrust and bench thrust with planks.

1. Bench thrust with reverse catch

This exercise especially affects the upper part of the chest.

Reverse Catch

We know that there is a traditional flat grip from the bench. However, this procedure with a counter-grip especially activates the muscles of the upper chest, as much as 30% more than the old, traditional way of performing. One more thing – if this procedure is performed on a sloping bench, the effect of exercise is further increased.

We advise you to have a helper when performing this exercise. Namely, this grip is much heavier than the traditional one. Push the bar into the arch, in order to better stimulate the upper part of the chest. Let the helper take the rod from your hands. Also, if necessary, keep your thumbs around the bar.

2. Push from the floor with a narrow catch

The effect of this exercise is most pronounced also in the upper part of the chest.

The narrow grip brings the elbows out and to the side. In this way, the chest muscles remain in their primary function.

Combine neutral grips with a barbell and exercises with weights, because that way you activate the muscles at a different angle.

3.JM thrust

This is a direct triceps movement. It allows you to use very heavy weights, a great exercise for all weightlifters who want to increase triceps strength.

Start with a bar above the upper chest, with outstretched arms. As you lower the bar down to your chest, allow your elbows to move slightly forward. Stop at about 10 cm above the chest. Pause for a moment. After that, push towards the starting position. Keep your elbows close to your body.

4. Thrust with board

The advantage of this exercise is that it reduces stress on the shoulders and chest. At the same time, it puts extra strain on the triceps, due to the reduced range of motion.

Board press

Do 5 short repetitions of the push with a narrow grip. The helper puts a board on your chest. In the meantime, you are not lowering the bars. Do 5 new reps. Then, the helper puts another board on your chest. Do 5 reps again. In this way, make a series of 25 repetitions.

We believe that these bench press variations for bigger and stronger pectoral muscles will help you achieve your goal.