How to Relieve Tension and Reduce Stress-induced Pressure

How to Relieve Tension and Reduce Stress-induced Pressure

Of course, the very word “stress” is very familiar to us. We often use it and we attribute all the negativities that happen to us to this very term. However, do we fully know the meaning of this word? The definition of stress says that it is a set of non-specific reactions of the organism to harmful factors from the environment. These harmful factors activate the mechanisms in the human body, which try to establish a balance with the environment. In this text we will show how to reduce stress.

Stress factors

There are many factors that contribute to imbalance and cause stress. They can be physical (heat, cold, noise, vibration) and psychological. This second group includes great responsibility, disturbed interpersonal relationships, traumatic family situations.

Hans Sally was born in 1936. He developed a theory according to which the disease occurs due to imbalance in the body. All this takes place under the influence of various external and internal factors. He called the collective name of these factors “stressor”. Because stressors are aggressive, the body therefore reacts to them

Stress – reaction

A stressed girl.

We said that the organism reacts to unfavorable factors. In other words, there is a stress reaction. It is of neuro-endocrine character and contains 3 phases. The first is shock, when the organism faces a harmful factor. Then comes the phase of resistance, when the organism resists and fights. In the end, the third phase occurs, when the human body has used up all its strength and is completely exhausted.

Health consequences

Stress can be the cause of many diseases. It manifests itself in the form of insomnia, headaches, weight problems. A large number of scientific studies have proven that people under stress are more likely to get cancer. In addition, cardiologists claim that stress is one of the risk factors for myocardial infarction. In the background of all these phenomena is our weakened immunity, that is – stress as a cause.

Relieve tension, avoid stress

We all know very well what the consequences of a stressful lifestyle are. However, we do not all try to keep stress under control, or to direct it towards a positive reaction. The most common activities, for example – laughing out loud, can help us a lot. In addition, repetitive actions (knitting; crossword puzzles, counting, singing) also give good results. We will add to this list deep breathing and lowering of the eyelids.

A girl is reducing stress.


In addition to everything presented above, let’s say something else. If you are in a stressful situation, do not take medication without a doctor’s recommendation. Also, do not consume alcohol, as it will produce much worse consequences to stress itself.

If you are wondering what is best for long-term relief from tension, or reduce stress, the answer is – sports and recreation.