Best Exercises for Future Moms

Best Exercises for Future Moms

In everyday speech, we call pregnancy -“another condition”. Many prejudices about pregnancy probably come from such an experience of pregnancy. Despite the large number of changes that occur in their body, future mothers should not be seen as women with reduced abilities. That is why in this text we are dealing with future moms – do not give up of exercises.

The benefits of exercise in pregnancy

A large number of studies confirm that physical exercise does not pose a danger to pregnant women. It has a positive effect on a woman’s mental state, improves the function of the cardiorespiratory system, reduces the risk of preeclampsia. In addition, it affects the course of labor, which is facilitated by a shorter ferry.
Of course, the precondition for every exercise for pregnant women is a medical examination and certain analyzes.

Best Exercises for Future Moms - A pregnant woman has an exercise at home.

Contraindications to exercise

Apart from the positive effects of training, it should not be overlooked that there are a number of contraindications. These are, first of all, bleeding in the first trimester, cardiorespiratory diseases, previous miscarriages, anemia, low body weight. they should never practice at an altitude of more than 3000 m, as if they were not diving.

Suggestions for training regime

The pregnant woman must carefully plan her physical activities. Therefore, the total volume and intensity of exercises must be slowly and gradually increased. Each training must begin with quality warm-up, which slowly prepares the body for the upcoming efforts.
It is very important to adjust the temperature space, as well as the comfort of clothes and shoes. In addition, the pregnant woman should not eat any food for at least one hour before exercising.

What exercises to perform?

Best Exercises for Future Moms - A pregnant woman is practicing yoga in nature.

In activities for pregnant women we include: walking, walking in nature, swimming, riding a stationary bicycle, low-intensity aerobics, ball exercises; certain yoga exercises, certain variants of the degree.
Exercises that fall into the category of unacceptable are all those in which the pregnant woman weakens on her stomach, as well as strength exercises with a load.
As for the duration of the exercises themselves, we suggest that they should not be longer than 30 minutes. They should be practice 3 to 5 times a week.


From all that we have stated, we can conclude that physical exercise in pregnancy offers many advantages. It is only important to perform it according to established scientific standards. So, find a well-educated expert, listen the doctor’s advice and listen to your body.