5 Ways to Effectively Massage Your Partner

5 Ways to Effectively Massage Your Partner

In general, we all love massage, but we are still unsure when we should massage someone else, and we are not professionally trained for that. In this text, we will try to bring you some secret massages and help you successfully and effectively massage another person, for example – a partner massage.

1. Prerequisites for a successful partner massage

Partner massage.

Massage does not have to involve great preparation, nor knowledge. But, one of the conditions for your endeavor to be more successful, is the atmosphere. Make sure that the room is tidy and noise-free. In addition, relaxing music and mutual mood can greatly contribute to the effects of your massage as well as possible. scented candles.

2. Nobody likes friction

Partner neck massage.

Your hands may be gentle and well-groomed, but that doesn’t mean you have to prove it to your partner by rubbing and pressing “dry”. Choose the appropriate oil, with a pleasant smell. Before starting the massage, warm it by rubbing it with your hands. Only then start massaging.

3. First steps towards effective partner massage

Where and how to start? In front of you is the endless surface of your partner’s back. We assume that he, like most people, moves a little and often feels tension in his neck. Press the point where the neck and head meet a little harder. Then gently turn his head in one direction and then in the other. Slowly lower your fists down your neck and massage When you feel a tingling sensation in your fingertips, you can be sure that your partner has also felt the effect, but in the form of relaxation.

4. Pay attention to the strength of the pressure

If your partner writhes under your pressure as if he wants to run away – he doesn’t like what you’re doing. It hurts. So pay attention to the pressure you apply when massaging. Ask your partner how he feels.

This is also an opportunity for the partner to express their feelings, thus building mutual trust.

But, as a universal guideline – stronger pressure is for tense muscles, and gentler pressure is for relaxation.

5. Effective back massage

Once you have mastered the smaller areas on your body, it is time to move on to your back. Place your hands on both sides of your spine. Lower them from the neck to the hips, and then repeat the same, gathering the fists into fists. Press harder in the upper body. After that, loosen the grip and go down the spine.

Partner back massage.

If you feel a nodule (lactic acid), stop at that point. Use strong, circular movements of your fingers to cross the knot, and try to “break” it. You can even pinch that part.


At these few points, we have tried to bring you closer to the “secrets” of successful massage. We do not intend to neglect professional massage, but we intended to enable you to enjoy a daily, relaxing massage.