Massage Therapy – Role in Sports Performance

Massage Therapy – Role in Sports Performance

If you often stress those muscles as an athlete or while performing sports, you’ll know how cranky and crampy your muscles can be at times. And let’s not even get started on sprains! But Massage Therapy can be the greatest way to unwind all wear and fatigue you’ve collected from physical activity. 

A guy has a sport massage therapy

From the casual gym-hitter to professional players and athletes – anyone can use some degree of massage. The role of massage therapy in sports performance is often underestimated and that can be a big mistake!

Role of Massage Therapy

Well, you know from science class that when our muscles do a lot of work continuously, chemicals such as lactic acid collects within them – and the muscles feel tired and weary. Massage therapy can help during an event or afterward in getting rid of these wastes as well as tend to all the damage it caused. 

You’re also probably aware that you have these small sacks of special fluids protecting your bone-joints from rubbing against each other and let you move freely. Well, straining your bones can drain those mechanisms (metaphorically, of course). Just thinking of the way our veins feel after a grueling session might give you a headache!

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But with massage therapy, you’ll experience skeletal, muscular, nervous, and circulatory rejuvenation as well as energy restoration especially when you have it done at BodyWorx Vitality, where experts believe in tapping the root cause of your pain. It can also help enhance your range of motion, relieve stress, flush out toxins, get and help with blood circulation deep within tissues and so much more!

Therapists can be doing more than just combining Swedish and Deep tissue massage techniques though. They may use some Sports Chiropractic mastery to get your body to perform better and you know what? The range of motion you get after a Chiropractic-integrated session might surprise you! So if there’s a way you can get to Toronto, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Gesund who does exactly that to help you ditch, heal and prevent sports injury issues.

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In general, sports massage can be a combination of compression, vibratory tapping, percussion, and gentle kneading a Swedish massage offers; with the techniques involved in a deep-tissue massage that helps to get oxygen-rich blood deep within the body and get to the outermost muscle tissues as well. As cool as it sounds, you need experts like we have at DCompress Downtown to do the right thing for your body.

When should you Hit the Spa?

You can opt for the therapies according to your special needs. Your sort of activity can call for any of the four kinds of sports massage therapies or combinations of them. Here are the different types of Sports Massage Therapies: 

Pre-event sports massage

A girl has a so-called hack massage

The short and quick massage 15-45 minutes prior to the event stimulates the muscles and bones that you will need to work for you in the next hour. This massage should be classified as a hack! 

Post-event sports massage

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Done typically after 1-2 hours of the event, this massage is a 10-20 minute session involves techniques that help the body tissues to relax. This reduces muscle soreness, prevents toxic build-up, and ensures quick and effective recovery. Sometimes these essential massages are recommended by an expert 72 hours after exertion.

Restorative sports massage therapy

This training-time treatment helps the body to train better and without injuries. Though this sounds simple, they can play a pivotal role in your stamina and performance.       

Rehabilitative sports massage therapy

These massages soothe the pain an athlete or players might be experiencing during stress. This slightly long session gets the sportsman back at work completely rejuvenated.

A relaxing massage after training

Always have the expert decide what kind of massage therapy your body and the kind of stress you are taking require. You’ll thank them and yourselves while kissing that gold medal, (or cup)!