5 Best Drinks for Healthy and Beautiful Skin

5 Best Drinks for Healthy and Beautiful Skin

We are used to drinking a lot of fluids in the summer and not allowing the skin and the body to dehydrate. However, when winter comes, we take less care of it. In addition, the cold air from the outside adversely affects the tone and appearance of the skin. For this reason, in this text we will suggest you the 5 best drinks for healthy and beautiful skin.

1. Morning – green smoothie

This increasingly popular blender breakfast is very nutritious. It contains all the necessary nutrients for our body. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, chard, leaves and celery stalks are recommended. Green smoothies are justifiably called the elixir of youth, because it has, in terms of health, many useful properties. Please note that food is not thermally processed, but is prepared fresh.

2. During the day – 8 glasses of water

This rule is general. You judge for yourself whether this is the optimal amount for you as well. The best guide is thirst. Therefore, drink water when you are thirsty. One of the indicators of your hydration is the color of your urine.

8 Glasses of water.

A dark yellow color means you are dehydrated, while a hydrated person’s urine is bright.

3. Afternoon – green tea

The positive effects of green tea have long been proven, it is ideal as an afternoon drink, because it will help you stay focused until the end of the working day. Namely, green tea contains an element that helps the brain to focus on mental activities. You can drink this tea slightly chilled.

4. Evening – beet juice

Beet juice

Beetroot stimulates skin detoxification and stimulates cell production and renewal. It also alleviates the visibility of wrinkles and problematic changes on the skin. One pigment from beets is a powerful antioxidant responsible for repairing inflammatory processes, fungal diseases and protecting cells from aging.

5. Before going to bed – water with cucumber and lemon

Fresh cucumber is one of the best allies of beauty and healthy skin. Prepare your detox-water by chopping half a fresh cucumber and half a lemon. Put in a bowl of cold water. In addition to serving as a beverage, you can also use this mixture as a face mask.

Water with cucumber and lemon


All the above tips are very simple. You can apply them with little time spent and also little food. It is up to you to implement them.