Taking Care Of Your Basketball Jerseys, the Right Way

Taking Care Of Your Basketball Jerseys, the Right Way

The right basketball jerseys are prized possessions that need proper care. After you have figured the basketball uniform for your team you will have to make sure the uniform is freshly pressed and ready before the game. The uniform has to go through a tough ordeal during the game. It is your duty to make sure that the jersey is ready during the next game.

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You need to make sure you follow these easy tips and tricks to ensure that the basketball jerseys in your collection do not suffer any damage and stay as good as new for a long time.

Clean your Uniform After A Game

If you have just finished a game it is important to clean the jersey immediately after the game. This is also true if a player gives you his or her jersey after a game as a souvenir. You need to take care of the sweaty jersey immediately. It usually smells terrible after a game. You can use a cup of vinegar during the washing to get rid of the sweaty smell from your basketball jerseys. If the smell still refuses to go then you can use some baking soda.

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However, if you are washing a collectable it is better not to use any harsh chemicals. Then you can pre-soak the uniform in warm water so that the sweat smell and grease along with dirt gets washed away. If you have hard water then you will not be able to remove any dirt or soil by simply pre-soaking it. You will have to pre-soak the cloth in the water and then add a good quality water conditioner. You should always stay away from chlorine bleach, especially if you are going to wash a jersey that is very dear to you. Since most jerseys are made of polyester knit, mesh or other similar materials chlorine bleach will not be very effective in its cleaning. It can also damage the jersey over time.

When cleaning basketball jerseys, your best option is using oxygen or all-fabric bleach. These will help brighten the colour and make the garment look better after the wash.

Wash it Separately And Hang Dry 

When it comes to basketball jerseys, you should always wash them separately. Do not mix them with other clothes because those clothes may bleed colour and spoil your jersey permanently. Even if they do not leak colour, if you wash your jerseys with other cotton clothes you will face the problem of lint. The lint will show up on the letters on the jersey. After you have washed it using cold water, you will have to make sure that you do not expose it to heat.

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You should not put your basketball jerseys in the dryer. Heat can shrink the jersey and also make the colours fade. Instead, you will have to hang up the jersey and let it air dry. When hanging the jersey you will have to hang it in a cool sha. Always try to keep it away from direct sunlight when drying it out. When storing the jersey, you have to avoid folding it because folding a jersey will crack the numbers and letters.

A ragged or torn jersey will make you look weak during a game while a clean and freshly pressed uniform will make you look proud and full of confidence during the next game. This is why it is important to take proper care of the basketball uniform immediately after a match. Even if you do not play regularly, you may have a collectable jersey or a jersey signed by your favourite player.