How to Make a Smart Choice of Summer Drinks

How to Make a Smart Choice of Summer Drinks

The Greek Gods had nectar, and we ordinary mortals have alcohol. But, while nothing can replace alcohol in cases when you want to forget difficult life issues, realistically speaking, alcoholic beverages still have no place in the diet of a person who leads a healthy life. However, in this text, we will recommend you a smart choice of drinks in the upcoming summer season.

About alcohol…

Alcohol has almost no beneficial effect on your exercise capacity or appearance, but not all the facts related to it are completely negative. Some species, if consumed in moderation, can have health benefits.

Different kinds of summer drinks.

This guide will help you make better decisions about choosing drinks throughout the year.

Which is a smart choice – White wine or Red wine

When drinking wine, the main thing to pay attention to is the quantity of sugar. Don’t forget that wines are made from very sweet grapes, and that sugar does not disappear during processing. And, although the percentage of sugar in wine will vary somewhat, in most cases it is almost identical in both white and red wine. What distinguishes these two wines is their composition of macronutrients.

Which is your choice? 
Red or white whine?

The most important among them is resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant found in red wine, which is responsible for the positive effects of red wine on cardiovascular health. Resveratrol has been shown to be involved in cancer prevention, lowering blood pressure and helping muscles to recover. This could be reason enough to opt for red wine.

Another smart choice – Gin and Tonic or Martini

The tonic contains quinine, which is obtained from the bark of a South American tree, and was once drunk to prevent malaria. Quinine is very bitter and the tonic does not contain the same amount as before, but it is sweetened. On the other hand, the martini has no hidden ingredients, and is made from gin and vermouth.

Gin tonic and martini.
What is a your smart choice ?

Avoid “decorated” martinis. Although it looks very nice and colorful, it contains extra calories and carbohydrates. Where do you think the taste of apples in martinis comes from? It certainly does not come from a squeezed apple. But we note that olives usually go with martinis.

Dark beer or Light beer – Which is a smart choice?

Due to its color and thick, creamy foam, dark beer looks more caloric. You probably think that’s why you should drink light beer. But to clarify, the fact is that dark beer contains slightly more calories and carbohydrates than light beer, but it therefore has more flavonoids (bold). Flavonoids have been shown to have the ability to protect the heart in a variety of ways. Also, they are extremely useful for muscle mass because they help its recovery.

Summer drinks - Light and dark beer.

Avoid drinking non-alcoholic beers. Since there is no alcohol in them, you are actually consuming concentrated grains and water, which means that these beers have 5 times more carbohydrates than regular beer.

Next smart choice – Srewdriver or Bloody Mary

You may have heard that hard dinks are better than wine and beer in terms of your body weight, which is mostly true. Spirits have no fats or carbohydrates, but both types of drinks contain juices. However, there is a big difference between fruit juices and vegetable juices.

One of summer drinks.
Smart choice - bloody mary.

For example, orange juice, although rich in vitamin C, contains a high percentage of fruit sugar: This means that it has many more carbohydrates than tomato juice in the Bloody Mary cocktail. Also, tomato juice has a lot of lycopene (bold) that fights cancer, and also participates in muscle recovery. Avoid all fruit juices, because they have too many calories and carbohydrates.


If you lead a healthy life and carefully consume calories when eating, we recommend that you also take this into account when consuming alcoholic beverages. We believe that this text will help you with that.