Some Useful Tips For More Successful Training (Part 2)

Some Useful Tips For More Successful Training (Part 2)

A few days ago we gave you some tips for successful training. This time we continue with similar proposals.

Hand Position

You are probably working on different devices during the biceps training, in order to activate the muscles in different ways. Perhaps it is more important to focus on the position of the hand. If you start training with a bend in a standing position, your arms should be next to your body during the entire exercise. Then continue with the bend on the sloping bench, and then with the rope, when your hands are next to your head. This way you activate the biceps from different angles and maximize the muscles.

Training Partner

Gym Partner for Successful Training.
Personal trainer helping woman working with heavy dumbbells

Practice with a training partner who is more important than you. He can supervise you and help you. It will also motivate you, so your progress will be much better.

Freestyle Training

Occasionally do freestyle training. On it, randomly determine which load will lift you and at what speed. That way, exercising will make you have fun and refresh your training program.

Gym Equipment

Gym Equpiment.

The equipment you use in the gym is made for both arms or both legs. However, you can do some exercises (biceps flexion) with just one arm. Or, you can also perform a leg extension with just one leg. This is especially convenient if one side of your body is stronger than the other. So, choose and decide for yourself.

Make Changes

There is an exercise method that activates different types of muscles during one series. For example, in the first series you do 4 to 6 repetitions, and in the second 10 to 15. But this time you reduce the load by about 20%. Do the third set with 30 reps, while reducing the load by 50% compared to the first set. With this method, you stimulate and develop muscle fibers in both the fast and slow markets.

Variety of Exercises

If you maintain a certain program, do not do it indefinitely. Change your routine to 4 to 6 weeks. Bodybuilding requires a variety of exercises. It aims to shock the muscles, because they quickly get used to a certain load. So continue with the changes, so that the development of the muscles would not stop. Every change of pace will encourage them to grow.


Rowing with a regular or T-bar is often done incorrectly by exercisers. The most important thing in this exercise is that your back is constantly straightened.

Go to Sauna

Sauna can be a good ally and friend to you in training. Before warming up, you can go to the sauna for 10 minutes, to stimulate circulation. In addition, after successful training, you can do stretching then in the sauna.