Several Effective Ways to Overcome “Stubborn” Muscles

Several Effective Ways to Overcome “Stubborn” Muscles

Each of the exercisers happened to notice how certain muscle groups readily respond to training. But it also happens very often that some muscle groups do not respond to stimulation. In other words, it’s as if they oppose your effort and you simply conclude that it has no effect and that everything is in vain. Spend a few minutes reading this text and you will learn several effective ways to overcome “stubborn” muscles.
Namely, in this text we will try to show you how to avoid an inappropriate way of training and prevent wasting time and effort.

Muscle building

1. You don’t feel the muscle you are exercising

If this is happening to you, know that your exercise method is wrong. For example – you use too much weight and focus on the number of repetitions rather than stimulating a specific muscle. Or, you didn’t put your body in the correct position during the bench press. In this case, you push the bar with your shoulders, not your chest, which is your goal, by the way. Also, while doing the rowing exercise, you must not allow your lower back to arch forward.

2. The purpose of shaping the body

Often, exercisers believe that the main goal of exercise is to achieve as much weight as possible, or to do as many repetitions as possible. However, the purpose of exercise is to maximize muscle stimulation. You should be able to physically, but also mentally, isolate or contract the target muscle. Try to feel a slight soreness in your muscles and, eventually, a pump. If you do not succeed, analyze your training and look for errors in the execution of the exercises

3. Method of stretching and contraction

Stretching muscles

There is a tendency for most exercisers to focus on the number of repetitions performed or the weight of the load being worked with. In other words, they are in a hurry to finish, for example, a set of 10 repetitions as soon as possible, or to increase the load. But, in this way, they neglect the main goal of exercise, which is to isolate and hit the muscle itself. If you see exercise as an obligation that you need to fulfill as soon as possible, you will not achieve your goal. The muscle you are exercising must not be in the background. On the contrary. For this reason, it may help to mentally suggest to yourself a “command” such as “stretch” or “tighten” as you exercise.
That way, you will feel the muscle throughout the entire range of motion. Concentrate on the movements you perform, not the number of repetitions. This may seem like a harder way to exercise at first, but don’t forget – a harder exercise is also a more effective exercise.


These were some effective ways to overcome “stubborn” muscles. Of course, experts in this field could tell us and recommend a lot more. But, we laymen can conclude that for proper training, apart from the basic prerequisites, we also need the mind. So, think while you practice.