What is “Stott Pilates” and Some Interesting Facts about It

What is “Stott Pilates” and Some Interesting Facts about It

Of course, when Pilates is mentioned, we mostly know what it’s about. We know this exercise technique well and use it very often. But we also know that the 21st century is a time of innovation in all areas of life, including in the world of recreation and fitness. Thus, within Pilates, an effective and interesting approach to this training has developed, primarily thanks to the very professional approach of the experts. Therefore, we will try to find out what “Stott Pilates” is and a few interesting facts about it.

Stott Pilates

How “Stott Pilates” was born

This is a modern approach to the original exercise method. An entire team of physiotherapists, sports medicine doctors and fitness professionals have been developing this method, equipment and props for more than 20 years. Namely, the modern approach of exercise science, combined with spinal rehabilitation, has led to the creation of one of the safest training methods.

Basic principles of this method

Each exercise is based on 5 basic principles: – breathing (proper breathing ensures a sufficient amount of oxygen), – position of the pelvis, – position of the ribs, – movement of the shoulder blades and – position of the head and neck of the spine… So, good positioning of the mentioned parts of the human skeleton directly affects the position of the spine. All together, it directly affects proper exercise and achieving top results in the shortest possible period.
In this way, the body is brought into a safe exercise zone. In addition, all this leads to a different perception of your body and becomes our lifestyle.
Also, specially designed equipment and light pilates machines are used in this exercise method. In addition to being performed on the mat, these appropriate props are added to the exercises and the training becomes more interesting and effective.

Exercise on pilates machines

Pilates machine

When it comes to this type of exercise, it only means training on mats, in a sitting or lying position. This is a whole system of exercises on the floor, but also on specially designed machines, on which the work is adapted to the exerciser himself. Stott machines produce a gradual resistance that corresponds precisely to muscle contractions. In other words, the resistance of the machine is the lowest when the muscle starts the exercise, and the strongest when the muscle is ready to withstand such resistance. In this way, the training is adapted to everyone, starting from pregnant women, people with certain injuries, all the way to professional athletes. Therefore, everyone who exercises on these devices is in the appropriate exercise zone, the most favorable for them.


We believe that, in the main lines, we managed to show what “Stott Pilates” is and present several interesting facts about it. Of course, this type of training, like any other, will have an effect if we follow all the rules and rely on the advice of the professional staff who conduct the training.