Something about the Positive Properties of Bacteria

Something about the Positive Properties of Bacteria

When we hear the word “bacteria”, our first thought is negative. Of course, we know very well that they are the cause of some diseases and that it is necessary to undergo drug therapy in order to eliminate them from the body. But we have to keep something else in mind. Namely, there is a group of these microorganisms that, in terms of nutrition, can be of great benefit to us. Therefore, let’s look at something about the positive properties of bacteria.

What are acidophiles?


We are probably not completely unfamiliar with this term. This group is found in our intestines and contributes to good absorption of food. In addition, these bacteria have the property of attacking and destroying bad bacteria. For example, the well-known “Escherichia coli” is precisely the victim of good bacteria, because they secrete elements that destroy these disease-causing agents.
By the way, we must not forget that acidophilus and other good bacteria are also called probiotics. If we translate this term from the Latin language, we get the words “pro” (which means positive) and “bio” (which means life). In other words – useful for life.

Sources of beneficial bacteria

There are a number of foods that are sources of acidophilus and their relatives. The most famous is yogurt. However, not all yogurts contain probiotics. For this reason, one should be careful when choosing and consuming this food. Because it often happens that sugar or starch syrup is added to yogurt to improve the taste. Therefore, always check the labels on the packaging and pay attention to the nutritional composition. Or, if you buy plain yogurt, add some fruit to it. In this way, you will significantly improve its positive effect.
Sauerkraut is also a well-known source of these nutrients. However, it should be eaten fresh and not thermally processed.

The effect of antibiotics


We know very well that antibiotics are very powerful in treating various infections caused by bacteria. However, these drugs do not differentiate between bad and good bacteria. Namely, while they very effectively kill the causative agents of infection, antibiotics simultaneously destroy many types of bacteria that protect the body. For this reason, a person who uses this medicine can often have stomach problems (diarrhea) as a side effect.
The remedy against this phenomenon is simple – add more acidophilus to your diet, and you can also use supplements.

A little more about the positive properties of bacteria

We have presented basic information about the mentioned topic, which, as laymen, we should not forget. But, finally, one more, very important fact: Acidophiles and similar bacteria will significantly strengthen your immune system and make you more resistant.