Reach Your Fitness Goals With Visualization

Reach Your Fitness Goals With Visualization

“I’m going to do this!” You probably said this to yourself when you decided you were going to start working out for a well-toned physique or start taking yoga lessons for a more figure 8-ish body shape. But you didn’t see this through. Or maybe you almost did, but still didn’t. Get your fitness goals.

The internet is a powerful tool capable of influencing our decisions. You may see someone strike a beautiful headstand pose and, suddenly, you want to be able to do a headstand, or you may see a video of a dude flaunting his big muscles, then you want big muscles too.

The reason we start on our fitness goals but stop halfway might be because we are not keenly passionate about them or because there’s a new fitness trend on the gram, so we lose interest somewhere along the line.

Reach your fitness goals.

Maybe that’s not you, or you are truly passionate about rock climbing. Maybe you want those muscles for real but no longer feel driven and are now having second thoughts. After all, it’s not uncommon to lose interest even in what we love and are passionate about.

But don’t fret. Here are a few good visual tips to help get you motivated and greased up for action:

Create a mental image

You already saw it coming. The first tip to finding the motivation to reach your fitness goal with visualization is to clearly create the image of the goal in your head.

So you want to lose a few pounds, create a mental image of the shape you hope to achieve. Or maybe you want to impress a girl with finely chiseled six-pack abs, imagine the look on her face when she sees you shirtless on the beach (if you’re into that type of thing).

That image in your head can help incentivize and motivate you to get back in action and get fit.

Make a fitness calendar

A fitness calendar is a daily or weekly schedule of your workouts. Creating a fitness calendar can help you have a more fleshed-out plan toward achieving your fitness goal.

Draw out your calendar in a sheet of paper or giant cardboard and stick it up the wall where you’re sure you’ll always see it.

Reach your fitness goals.

A fitness calendar can help remind you of your fitness plans and encourage you to take action. You may decide to do 30 push-ups a day and run on a treadmill the next. Whatever works for you.

Frame your favorite fitness quote

There are hundreds of inspirational quotes on fitness out there, so if there’s a quote you love and really connect with, why don’t you frame it?

That quote you love reading might be able to inspire you to get back on track to your goals. You should consider framing such and hang them where your eyes will easily fall on them.

If you can find the picture of your favorite quote online, using it as your phone wallpaper can be visually helpful too. 

Write an achievement note

Another visual way to find motivation is to write a note on the things you’ve been able to achieve. Take a look back at where you began and see how far you’ve come. Are you better than before? If so, what are the changes you see?

Are you able to push beyond your usual 50 push-ups in a row? Good, write that down. Can you now properly do a headstand without a trembling neck? Write that too.

Seeing your fitness exercise produce results, however minuscule they may seem, can really encourage you to work out more often to fully achieve that shape or muscle mass you so want.

Frame a model of the envisioned body shape

This is applicable if you’re looking to build muscle mass for an athletic body shape or get more curves in.

You know what you want your body to look like in the next few months. The picture is already in your head. But you might need to see it with your own eyes to believe it. What that means is that seeing a clear pictorial representation of the shape you had envisioned can help you commit to your workout routine.

Reach your fitness goals - envisioned body shape

The internet is filled with lots and lots of images. You can find anything online and it would be almost impossible not to find a picture of what you want your body to look like or something close enough to it on there.

When you finally find what soothes your mental image, frame it and, you guessed it, put it where your eyes will easily fall on it. If you are not a fan of framing things, consider saving the picture on your phone or laptop.

So, when you get cold feet or start having doubts, go back to the picture to remind yourself why you’re taking yoga lessons or working out at the gym.

Author Bio:

Michael Bankole is a health/lifestyle writer. He seeks to help all colors of people live better lives. When he’s not researching, reading, or writing, you’ll catch him listening to music and humming along. You can also catch him on Twitter.