Simple Way to Make Your Workout Schedule

Simple Way to Make Your Workout Schedule

Do you have the right structure for the combination of exercises you have chosen? As paradoxical as it may sound, it often happens that you work through exercises that do not give results. In other words, you are doing a parallel exercise. To avoid this, it is necessary to carefully and in detail develop a workout schedule.

Parallel Exercise

This exercise means that aerobic training you do parallel with anaerobic. Basically, this simultaneous exercise is not so bad, provided it is properly planned. Unfortunately, most people perform parts of these exercises in reverse order, which is a basic problem.

Exercise Goals

The key issue in simultaneous exercise is the goal that the person wants to achieve. If your goal is to build muscles and increase strength, first you do anaerobic exercises and then aerobic ones. If the exerciser wants to achieve long-term endurance, then he should start aerobic training exercises. This is the best way to achieve the desired effect.

Fatigue Factor

An exhausted guy on a treadmill.

In strength and fitness research, the results show that fatigue is a factor that negatively affects strength training when performed second in a row. Cardio exercises tire the body before you even start strength training. The result of this sequence of exercises, especially in young people, can lead to a significant reduction in performance. Fatigue is a very negative factor if you have started your training upside down.

“Fuel” Factor

Another important issue is “fuel”. For strength training, the key fuel comes from carbohydrates. When it comes to cardio training, fuel is drawn from carbohydrates and fats, and the fat content becomes increasingly more dominant as training progresses. When you do comparative training, and it is preceded by cardio exercise, carbohydrates are consumed. This significantly reduces the effect of strength training.

Reverse the order of the exercises and the muscles will use carbohydrates. Also, the cardio part of the training will be more efficient if it is performed as the second in this comparative training. This is where the aspects of aerobic endurance and fat burning fit.

Concentration Factor

Weightlifting at the gym.

Strength training generally requires a higher level of concentration than cardio / aerobic exercise. You can go jogging or ride a bike while letting your thoughts wander. However, you can’t deconcentrate when hold weights over your head or neck. Therefore, put strength exercises first. In addition, you achieve maximum concentration right at the beginning of each workout. But, if the exerciser only wants to achieve greater endurance (and not muscle strength), it is not necessary to start training with this set.


So, if you have decided on comparative training, make sure you plan your workout schedule well, taking into account all the above facts. Only then will you achieve the best possible results.