Unveiling Natural Ways To Prolong Health Of Your Skin, Hair, And Nails

Unveiling Natural Ways To Prolong Health Of Your Skin, Hair, And Nails

Do you ever look at some people and get amazed by their beauty? They have clear acne-free skin, gorgeous hair, and well-maintained nails. Do you wish to get the same results but are afraid that your body might react to the chemicals found in the products?  Do you wish to prolong health of your skin, hair, and nails?

If YES, then have you tried natural ways of personal care? 

Natural way to prolong health of skin.

In recent years, organic and natural skin and hair care routines have created a buzz in the industry. Using home remedies and natural ingredients ensures no side effects. Also, it helps prolong the health of skin, hair and nails. 

Perhaps, if you want to know more about these natural ways and elevate your beauty, scroll down! 


First of all, let’s talk about the natural skin care tips that can help postpone the ageing process and offer you clear skin. 

Cleansing and moisturizing 

A clear and acne free skin is a dream of almost every person. To make this dream a reality, you should cleanse and moisturize your skin every day. You can use coconut oil for this. It is great for removing all the dirt and impurities from the skin. Moreover, it will make your skin hydrated and can help reduce the scars and marks. 

Furthermore, if you apply makeup, you can use coconut oil to remove it. This way, your skin will not get in contact with any harmful chemicals that might cause a breakout. 

Avoid taking hot showers.

Hot showers might be good to relieve stress and tiredness of the body, but they can also have adverse effects. Long hot showers remove the natural oils of the skin, making it dull and dry. It can also cause redness, inflammation and itching. Therefore, you should try to avoid hot showers. 

But if you live in colder regions, reduce the duration of the shower. Moreover, moisturize your face as soon as you get out of the shower. 

Clay face mask 

Clay face masks are great if you want hydrated and acne free skin. It helps in unclogging the pores and removing black and whiteheads to make a face look beautiful. Moreover, it will also protect your skin from toxins. 

Natural way to prolong health of face skin.

You can either create the mask with ingredients like honey, coffee, or activated charcoal. Or, you can also purchase the products. Nonetheless, for the best results, you should use masks twice a week. 


Taking care of hair is as essential as the skin. However, using hair styling tools for different looks and dying and bleaching makes the hair damaged. It can also result in issues like hair loss, dandruff and premature colour fading. To protect your hair from all these damages and improve its condition, you must give natural hair care tips a try. 

Shampoo and conditioning 

It goes without saying that you should always shampoo your hair. It will remove all the debris  and dirt from the scalp. Moreover, for hair rejuvenation, you should also condition them. It will help in maintaining their shine and in easy detangling. 

Natural way to prolong health of your hair.

As every person has a different hair type, you need to discover the one that fits you. Try to use shampoo and conditioner that are naturally made and don’t contain any harmful chemicals. 


Did you know that a human shed 50 to 100 hair strands every day? It is a normal process and happens with everybody. But, if you notice a lot of hair fall every day, it can be a matter of great concern. Brushing your hair often will help in spreading the natural oils from the scalp to the ends. It helps in preventing split ends, breakage and hair fall. 

In addition to this, it improves blood flow and gives a shine. For better results, you should use a wide-tooth comb. 

Note: Do not comb your hair when wet. It will result in breakage and more hair fall. Also, prefer drying your hair naturally before combing. 


Oiling is an Ayurvedic practice of massaging the oil in the scalp. It helps in reducing stress, promoting growth and shine. Besides that, it also helps in removing dirt and exfoliation. Thus, you’ll get frizz free and healthy hair. 

You can create a weekend schedule for oiling. It will give your scalp enough time to absorb the goodness of oil and make them look bouncy. Moreover, it will also provide protection against premature greying. 

Nail care

Nails are also a vital part of personal hygiene and care. Not paying attention to them can lead to fungal and bacterial infections and dry hands. It might not cause critical issues in the body but can get irritating.

Trim your nails

Long fingernails might look gorgeous, but if you don’t take care of them, it can cause bacterial infection. Therefore, you should trim and file your nails. Soak your nails in lukewarm water, remove the dirt stuck in between the nails and trim them to the length you like. Lukewarm water makes the nails soft and less painful to trim. 

However, if you love long nails, make sure to clean them regularly, especially before and after eating food. File them to give a nice shape so that you don’t end up hurting yourself. 

Natural way to prolong health of your nails.

Hand soap

Generally, soaps can get harsh on the skin and make them dry. Try using soap with natural ingredients like honey, lavender, oats, rose or peppermint. It will ensure that the hands are moisturized and also add a mild fragrance.

Keeping the hands moisturized makes them soft. Moreover, if you use your hand for applying makeup, it will also help in smoother and better application. On this way you will prolong your health, too.

Nail paints

Painting your nails not only makes them look beautiful but also makes them stronger. Make sure to apply the cuticle oil before starting the process. Also, always use a base and topcoat to ensure that the manicure lasts longer. 

If you don’t want nail art or don’t want to put colours on nails, you should apply a base coat. It will keep the nails healthy and maintain their natural shine. 

To sum it all up!

These are some of the natural and safe ways to prolong your health and beauty. Natural techniques will help in maintaining a glow in your skin, hair and glamorize your nails. Not to forget that it will also improve personal hygiene.