Learn How to Avoid Injury and Overtraining

Learn How to Avoid Injury and Overtraining

The fact is that most people who train with weights often experience injury or overtraining. This is especially true for professionals. Of course, it doesn’t always have to be that way. In the following text, we will try to point out these incidents. In other words, learn how to avoid injury and overtraining.

Areas where we make the most common mistakes

1. Recovery time


According to some research in the field of physiology, after three weeks of strenuous training, the adrenal glands begin to “shut down”. In this way, they protect the organism from excessive effort to which the body is exposed. As a consequence of this, muscle growth stops. But the typical exerciser continues to train as intensely as possible and enters the overtraining zone.
Instead, he should do the exact opposite – rest. Most experts suggest taking a vacation every 3 to 6 months, for a maximum of 2 weeks. Of course, vacation should be active, i.e. filled with light walks, swimming, cycling.

2. Psychological factor


There are opinions that say that your mind can easily lead you to overtraining or injury. In other words, if you expose yourself to excessive and prolonged exertion, your mind will begin to react, just like your body. Namely, changes will begin to happen to you, which aim to stop you, at a certain moment, and preserve your physical integrity.
Also, your mind can also “control” you by telling you the importance of warming up. Warming up improves circulation, boosts your body’s élan and enables the production of energy in the muscles.
Another mistake we make is lack of concentration. Even though you have done an exercise a thousand times, you must be maximally concentrated during its performance. So, talking and talking during training must be completely turned off. So, practice in silence and focus on the exercise as much as possible.

3. Training habits

Perhaps, during training, you want to try maximums. You must not do that. You may tear a muscle or injure your spine. Do the exercises at a steady pace and with the usual load.

How to avoid injury or overtraining


It’s simple. Follow the above tips, which are also given to you by your trainer. After all, while training with discipline and reason, keep the end result in mind. And, if you want to do something stupid, remember this text.