A Few Key Reasons that Slow Down Real Progress in Training

A Few Key Reasons that Slow Down Real Progress in Training

It is clear that everyone who trains (professionals or amateurs) has the ultimate goal of achieving success and visible results. But we also know that it is achieved with more or less success. We also know that there are both objective and subjective reasons for this. This time, we will try to present what are the obstacles that depend on us. So, let’s look at a few key reasons that slow down real progress in training.
Please note that we have already written about a similar topic some time ago. However, man, as a complex being, is often prone to numerous mistakes, so we will add a few more to the list that we mentioned then.

1. We lie to ourselves


Of course, there is a small number of people who will admit that they are not working hard enough and that they did not use the training properly. We deceive ourselves and find various justifications that are “out of our power”.
How can we avoid this? Be honest about your appearance, commitment and discipline. In other words, forget about justifying your failures and take full responsibility for failure. Be realistic about your mistakes. That’s the first step to being better and more successful.

2. We don’t stick to the plan

Most exercisers know that having a plan is one of the key factors in achieving the set goals. But we should know that goals are achieved “step by step”.
For example, create a diet and workout plan for each day. At the same time, be realistic and do not immediately set yourself an end goal.

3. We do not have a clear goal


If this is our case, we are probably afraid of eventual failure and disappointment. For this reason, break your tasks down into smaller steps and don’t get discouraged. For example, if you set yourself the goal of losing 10 kg in 3 months, and you “only” lost 8 kg, this is no reason to lose faith in yourself. On the contrary, you only gained a realistic insight into the upcoming tasks. In other words, you will set yourself clearer and more realistic goals.

4. Giving up as one of the key reasons for slowing down progress

Certainly, the reason why we give up at the first obstacle is our fear of failure. In this way, the first unforeseen circumstance becomes our justification for giving up.
However, be prepared for challenges. Because nothing that is truly valuable comes without difficulties. Keep the end goal in mind. In addition, if, for example, you once violated discipline, do not consider yourself incompetent. One small failure is by no means a sign of your weakness. Instead of giving up, see the problem and boldly move on.

To conclude

So what is the strategy for success? Be realistic and honest with yourself. Don’t forget, most of the obstacles we encounter are self-imposed. That’s why we will overcome them ourselves. You just have to face them.