How Food Energy Affects Good Health

How Food Energy Affects Good Health

In traditional Chinese medicine, prevention is more important than cure. Therefore, we strive to balance the functions of the basic organ systems. Most of us are well acquainted with the terms “Yin” and “Yang” meridians. But how much do we know about them and what they actually represent? Chinese medicine believes that the human body is a whole whose parts are interconnected. Namely, there are 12 meridians in the body, with 12 basic physiological functions. In order for the body to function properly, great attention is paid to, among other things, food. Therefore, in this text we will emphasize how the energy of food affects the good health and condition of the organism.

Chinese medicine

According to this teaching, food affects certain organs. For that reason, foods are divided according to the properties of the elements they contain.

Food and its elements

The “wood” element is characteristic of green fruits and vegetables and sour flavors. These foods retain moisture, tighten the skin and have antioxidant properties. They should be eaten in the spring.

Earth elements

“Fire” is an element that contains red food and has a bitter taste. These are foods that have a beneficial effect on the heart and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It is recommended to be consumed during summer days.

The “earth” element is found in yellow food, which is sweet. They are good for strengthening the function of the liver and spleen. It is advisable to eat them throughout the year.

The “metal” element is found in white foods and they have a spicy taste. They have a beneficial effect on cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It is best to eat them in the fall.

“CHI” – VIital energy

In the introduction, we mentioned 12 meridians, which we call “yin” and “yang”. The “yin” meridians correspond to the organs that collect and process matter and energy in the body. These include the lungs, heart, kidneys and liver. The “yang” meridians correspond to the organs that excrete matter. These are the large and small intestine, the stomach, the bladder and the gallbladder.

The meridians have vital energy – “Chi”, which is the main driver of all life functions. When there is a stagnation of “whose”, the balance in the functioning of the organs is disturbed, so the basis for the development of the disease is created.

The ancient Chinese believed that the flow of this energy through our body is equal to the flow of blood. If we know how important blood is, because it nourishes all our cells, it is clear how important “chi” energy is for health.

CHI vital energy

In order to enable the unhindered flow of this energy, it is important to create the necessary conditions for that. In addition to proper nutrition, our emotions have a great influence on this process. Anger, fear, joy, melancholy and anxiety are the basic emotions that affect the work of certain organs. So, let’s take care of them as well.

Instead of a conclusion

This was a brief overview of the basic principles of traditional Chinese medicine. So, in addition to taking care of the energy of the food we eat, we also paid attention to our “mental behavior”. Maybe that will convince us that our health largely depends on ourselves.