Interesting Facts about the Connection Between Hormones and Fat Deposits

Interesting Facts about the Connection Between Hormones and Fat Deposits

Nowadays, we are witnessing an ever-increasing increase in the number of visiting persons. Of course, this phenomenon is caused by many factors that we all know more or less about. The most common are lifestyle, too little physical activity, and unhealthy diet. However, neither genetics nor the effect of hormones should be ignored. Precisely for this reason, in this article we will present some interesting facts about the connection between hormones and fat deposits.

If you eat healthy, keep a diet, train, and yet you are still overweight, prepared on certain parts of the body, it means that there is a hormonal imbalance in your body.

Therefore, let’s look at the hormones that lead to the accumulation of fat deposits in certain places.

1. Cortisol


A hormone that increases secretion and releases energy when we are under stress. That energy appears in the form of fat and glucose, which accumulate in the central part of the stomach, near the liver. For this reason, eat smaller meals, do not exercise hard for more than 45 minutes (and this encourages increased production of cortisol). Also, eat low-glycemic foods, such as apples and cashews. Also, as cliché as it sounds, stay away from stress. Because stress is not something that occurs by itself. It is our reaction to an unfavorable situation. Try to control her as much as possible.

2. Estrogen 


More estrogen can cause fat to accumulate in the buttocks and thighs. If we consume large amounts of alcohol, estrogen cannot be cleared from the blood, so it accumulates in certain parts of the body. Soy supplements can help reduce the production of this hormone, but in reasonable amounts.

3. Growth hormone

Growth hormone

Due to a low level of growth hormone (HGH), women often develop “pads” on their backs. Namely, during the night the pituitary gland releases growth hormone that stimulates fat cells to release energy. Experts suggest that we consume foods rich in melatonin (for example, raspberries), because it significantly increases the secretion of HGH. By the way, we know very well that melatonin affects the occurrence of sleep, and thus we come to the conclusion of how important sleep is for the normal functioning of our body.

4. Testosterone

The human body produces the hormone DHEA, which is then converted into testosterone and helps build muscle mass. But, if testosterone levels drop further low, muscle mass will be replaced by fat deposits. They will manifest themselves mostly on the upper part of the arms, because the upper arms have large muscles.


In order to be able to stimulate the production of testosterone, we need to consume food rich in proteins. In other words, eat fish, eggs, nuts. As well, you enter the body with zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6.

In women, the level of this hormone decreases with age and is highest in the twenties, before gradually decreasing.

5. Progesterone


It is connected with the flow of liquid in the body. Any disorder is manifested by fluid retention and loosening of the ankles.

Instead of a conclusion

Based on the above, it is clear that there is a close connection between hormones and fat deposits. So, if despite all the entrepreneurial activities, you have a problem with fat deposits, check your hormones.