How to Avoid Stomach Cramps while Running

How to Avoid Stomach Cramps while Running

You’ve probably encountered this phenomenon before – stomach cramps during or after running. In order to eliminate or avoid them, people resort to various methods. But before that, you need to get to know them. Because, there are different types of stomach cramps and the best way to prevent them is to know the reason for their appearance.

Middle abdominal cramps

The main reason for their occurrence is the meal you ate or drank just before running. It is not uncommon for exercisers to eat or drink heavily before any major or stressful physical activity. Therefore, just to avoid them, we do not recommend running after meals.

Piercing on the side

Side stomach pain

This is a type of pain that occurs in people who are unable to breathe properly while running. At times, people breathe very shallowly as they run. This always leads to a lack of oxygen in the body. It is also possible that this pain occurs due to an imbalance of electrolytes in the blood.

Muscle cramps

This phenomenon is manifested by the feeling of muscle splitting. Most likely, these pains occur due to insufficient fluid intake in the body. Otherwise, the liquid aims to support any physical activity.

What to do to avoid stomach cramps while running

1. Drink water

This recommendation is mentioned very often and is well known to all of us. Although they are aware of its importance, there are people who very often ignore this advice. However, be careful – it is recommended to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Therefore, drink enough water, but – not just before running.

2. Eat adequate foods

There are foods that cause stomach problems during increased physical activity. There are also drinks with similar effects. Recognize them and avoid them (carbonated, sweet drinks, caffeine

Avoid fizzy drinks

3. Perform stretching exercises

One of the most common reasons why an organism cannot support increased physical activity is insufficient preparation. Don’t let your body experience a sudden, physical shock. Do a series of stretching exercises. This will have a very beneficial effect, both on the whole organism and on preventing the occurrence of muscle cramps during running.