Everyday Simple Activities Help You to Lose Weight

Everyday Simple Activities Help You to Lose Weight

If you are a business woman, and also a mother who wants to lose weight, you come to close your ears and eyes when someone mentions exercise, which you forgot about due to strong obligations? We have good news – a modern way of life for women is like a kind of exercise, it helps you burn excess calories even if we do not spend 2 hours a day in fitness centers. Lose weight with simple activities.

We have found 6 golden rules that will help you get rid of excess calories during one day with the usual activities you have every day, which you do not even think of as a possible “exercise”.

1. 2000 steps = 100 calories


Fitness experts have found that if you walk 1.5 km you actually walk about 2000 steps, which is enough to burn 100 calories. This is a good reason to sit at work as little as possible and become more active. Avoid elevators, instead of calling colleagues in other news offices, go to them…

There are many ways to go through these 2000 steps during business hours.

2. Big ball

You can get rid of excess calories if you sit – get a large sitting bench with which your body will be able to burn up to 50 calories per hour – sitting. You have to maintain balance all the time, which helps to tighten the muscles of the buttocks, back and simply burn as many calories as possible.

3. Water, water, water

Drinking water

Hydration is necessary for the normal functioning of the body, but it also helps to lose weight. Take at least 8 glasses of water, which should be cold – each glass like this will help you get rid of 25 calories. The body will make sure that the cold water you take in warms up, which means that it will burn extra calories.

4. Warm up and lose some weight

After the cold outside, enter a warm room and have a warm beverage. Let’s say a cup of hot tea, and we recommend black or green or coffee. Research has shown that 3 cups of green tea allows you to get rid of 76 to 108 calories, at the same time it will warm you up and help you concentrate better on work.

5. Do not stand still

Never be completely calm while at work:

Office Workout
  1. Move your feet up and down while sitting at the table,
  2. Walk around the office while on the phone,
  3. Raise your knees while sitting,
  4. Do a few squats,
  5. Play your favorite music and shake your shoulders,
  6. Bring the jump rope
  7. This will speed up your circulation, and you will also burn more than 100 calories during working hours.

6. Activities after work for lose weight

The release of calories does not stop when you come home. The following rules will help you burn another 100 calories:

  1. Dishwashing, cooking ironing – 1 hour,
  2. Half an hour of vacuuming or cleaning,
  3. An hour of shopping,
  4. Carrying a baby puppy for 40 minutes,
  5. Half an hour of playing with a child…